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With the Bulgarian flag, Peter Stoychev made the first training in Antarctica

With the Bulgarian flag, Peter Stoychev made the first training in Antarctica

November 22, 2018 | 11:31 | Information Agency FOCUS

Connecticut Island. After problems with entering the water the day before in the morning, Bulgarian time Petr Stoychev and the other 15 athletes performed the first training session in the icy waters of Antarctica. The event took place in the bay of the island of Cuverville, and as soon as he landed on the ground, and then into the water, Stoychev lit the Bulgarian flag.

“I am happy that we finally landed on solid ground and then drilled in water. The feeling is unique. At first, we were met by hundreds of penguins who, to my surprise, were not at all afraid, but, on the contrary, they were very close to us, and then the racing team created a temporary pontoon from which we entered the icy water. The temperature was minus 0.7 degrees, and the air is minus 2.4. I personally swam for about 6-7 minutes. Only with swimsuits, glasses, silicone hat and earplugs to prevent water from getting into the head. No one uses an ointment against the cold because it is prohibited, and we were checked by the head of the International Ice Swimming Federation. I asked the captain of the ship to calculate the exact distance to Bulgaria, asking his point of reference at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia. Satellite navigation showed 14,034 kilometers from the navigation point to our capital. In all likelihood, we are going to hold the race for 1000 meters again, and after a draw I fell in the 4th series with my colleagues from Russia, South Africa and Brazil. Live and be healthy for the next 24 hours, we will begin. Until now, the weather is normal, strong wind and snowfall have fallen, and as a bonus tonight there was sunshine. When I took the flag and entered the water, I remembered those great Bulgarians, who over the years have kept the Jordanian tradition and entered the icy waters of our rivers, lakes and the sea. I did it, even in distant Antarctica, wanting health for me and the family, as well as the best for Bulgaria, ”said Petro Stoychev, satellite communications.

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