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Will we leave without current – Bulgaria

“Ako complex shutter, we will remain without current. Ako accidentally imame, that godlessly scape. Nyama is an alternative and nika Nyama and do not offer a price for the price from a basin, which is production, ”said the President of CT“ Podposhcha ”Dimitar Manolov before“ Zdravye, Bulgaria ”by NOVA.

Minori and Energetici lick the protest in Sofia. Meeting of the organizer from the syndicate CT "Podkrepa". Work in the “Mini-Maritsa-iztok” and the TEC “Maritsa-iztok 2” yesterday at the Radnevo campus with a real clarity on how to continue and work the energy complex.

„According to the subject of energy imaging is formed One coalition from this will be true to Bulgaria and often from her. On Wednesday, check the countries of Germany and Polsha, add that one.

“Minorite and power engineering is clearly a Kazakh for Kakvo se win. Seeker is better for energiynoto srrtsu on Bulgaria. There, production is about 45% of the electric power industry ”, comments from their own country, President of the Council on National Security Policy Plamen Dimitrov, will have additional questions from Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and President Rumen Radev.

“Tazi mantra, che te-ovete tzapat e lzha. Dzapame with a dagger and a house in the house. The European Commission of Imago is punished by the procedure of the crossing of Bulgaria into the Finite part of the country, which is above the norm. Aco Ima negatively decisively push the control panel, Comrade Tsapane, is more than enough. Toest ecologic argument is not action, ”said Dimitrov.

Therefore, it is a stable decision to connect the control panel, Bulgaria, and press on each other for the current situation. The president of the CNSA admits that a decision before February, a protest will be sent to Brückel.

Procession is now at 13 Hours and times ahead of Sophiyskite Streets, you will need to establish the ministries, who will solve the problem. In Petk, a cross-section on representatives at CT Podkrepa and KNSB from the president and from the premier.

Nearly 50% of the electric power in Bulgaria is produced by the TEC-Ovete in the suburbs, and from the sector the targets are set in the country. Tec-oveta trybva and otgovarjat on-by-yokokokoekoiskaniya and imago risk of comrade and leave it ingrained in history.

“You’ll be unprofitably unprofitable and impoverished to the Sai Nai Golem and Energy Friendship, which produces more than 45% of electricity from countries”, they say.

In the declaration, from the termination to dissuade the institutions of the Caucasus, which will be based on the foundations of the energy of our friendship, we will have everything more than anything else, which pretends to be uneasy. “Follow the rest of the Maritsa-Istok Complex from the financial finance deficit does not wake up trust – from one country they will offer solutions, which will bring the problem itself and the stability of friendship to others, and will learn about it, to another success. distancing itself in time ”, it is said in a declaration.

Syndicate hastily infect adequate position At the same time, on the Osiguryavan region, on the development of the complex on the complex, to the floor of the complex, enter the reserve. The lawsuit is a new energy strategy from horizon 2030–2050, somehow and has been depressed and trapped by the engagement on the mechanism for compensating for damage from TETs Maritsa-iztok 2.

The camp is clear and the health center "Maritza Iztok 2" is due for 1.199 billion leva.

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