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Volkswagen e sold nay-a lot, but Renault-Nissan e №1 with a lekite – Technologies

Volkswagen Group uidrzhayaty si nai-golyam automobile concern in the world for Pete poredna year. But, somehow and the minalat of the hour, from Renault-Nissan counter, che sa leaders. For how do you think?

Prez 2018. Volkswagen Group e sold with 0.9% more than the money, record a record record of 10.83 million sales. In the second position, the position of the whole Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi aliens, sold 10.76 million leks and cars and cars. The statements on the topic, the numbers speak eloquently. But the important thing about nuances.

Dilemator cogee No. 1 is derived from the fact that the French-Japanese concern (preminaщs a lot of new business lines) is a matter of fact, selling only the cars and cars.

This was not the case with the Volkswagen concern, under the chiyato cap of the manufacturer on the MAN and Scania kamioni. Ako from the general, they will torture tehite sales, then the VW Group e sold 10.6 million leks and cars at the goods store. Ottuk idva and dvuhznachnoto tlkuvane on tsifrit, tj kato and dvata concern mogat yes pretendrat for leadership in the spaza: VW for the nai-lot of sales, Renault-Nissan for the nai-lot of sales for leks and lektovarni cars.

Otherwise, the nominal price of the car Nissan e Placer 5.65 million cars, which represents a decline of 2.8%. Renault has a share of 3.88 million (+ 3.2%), and Mitsubishi recorded an increase of 18% from the target to 1.22 million sales.

Toyota Motor Corp., has sold 10.59 million from the Toyota, Lexus and Daihatsu brands. Under the heading of the world, we are more divided by the Hino Motors Ltd. Ako negovite sales vzadeni, then sells for leks and lektovarni cars on Japanese cars, beat 10.39 million pres 2018. 10.76 million extolled funds.

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