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Valerie Bozhinov replacing Obertan in Levski!

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Valerie Bozhinov will change Gabriel Obertan in Levski! The Francescata star on Sinite from the unity of the Krak in the Turkish Ezrumspor cross 2 million euros.

The 26-karatniyat champion on Bulgaria se, it aimed precisely at Bozhinov for the heir to the football players at Manchester United and Nyukasul. Sporta Sportal executive director at the club Pavel Kolev even talked with the assailant, the coito repeatedly announced that he was ready and all the time on Guerin.

Bozhinov game for Levski prez 2014 and 20 maccha Vkara 8 goals. Golemy plus with him e, else I cured without a bet on the “Sinite”, came to terms with Botev Vratsa from the tepee, in addition to the training and training with a novak in Parva League.

Such a receipt was received from Obertan Levski, who can often, from the sidelines and other heirs, be the agent. Osven Tovol of Moscow will also sleep from the huge patch on the Frenchman. Somehow Gol. Co-host with 16, but 16 months, for a 45-hectare kryloto charge. Euro. With the signature of Bozhinov Nom and the clean-up of Golyama Sum.

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