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Unbelievable, but it is a fact! Charlie Sheen stopped drinking and prostitutes – BLITZ

Charlie Sheen spoke openly about her new life as a sober person in an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail. A Hollywood star says that he feels "incredible" and his health is "better than ever" to celebrate his year of sobriety in December.

Twelve months ago, 53-year-old Shin finally put an end to alcohol, drugs and coupons. He said that he was going to bed at 21 o'clock and was spending time reading “healthy scenarios” and tracking the news.

Charlie decided to go the right way in December 2017 after being tired of a difficult lifestyle.
Shin admitted: “Every night he started with good intentions, but he always ended up with the right people who had to clean up my riots. I'm tired of apologizing for things I don’t remember. "

In an exclusive interview with the star "Two and a half people" promises never to approach porn actresses. Charlie also hopes to resume his successful film and television career several years ago.
Charlie Sheen called on other celebrities to show that they are seropositive.

Leyana confirmed the news on SHOW: I broke up with businessman Tsvetan Petkov

At one point, Shin became more famous for her love of parties, alcohol, prostitutes, and drugs than her acting work.

In 2012, he was diagnosed with HIV – a shocking discovery he made three years later – in 2015.
Charlie admits that he still cannot stop smoking, but he is working on it. He says his relatives are excited by his transformation.

“I no longer interrupt people. I do not lose things. I am very accurate. And my children really see this super-reliable person. They can rely on me to be their example. Today they have the best version of their father. "

Sheena has a daughter, 34-year-old Cassandra, two daughters – Sam (14) and Lola (13) from a marriage with Dennis Richards and twins – Bob and Max (9) from his former wife Brooke Miller.

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