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Tsatsarov: You can’t be a second candidate for the chief prosecutor sega (Review)

Ochakva se tv Tuesday in “The Herald of the Bulletin”, but the order has come out, with someone the president has refused the post yes e Ivan Geshev

The next product is re glasuvane in the BCC. Ako Geshev will not scoop over the 17th voice, the procedure

A candidate for the chief prosecutor was not made possible for the second; before the adventure, she was invited to go to Ivan Geshev from Vyshia on the basins. Tova stana is clear from a comment on the chief prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov before reporters in parliament.

In Petz Tsatsarov and Deputy Ivan Geshev, who had a commission with a representative on the Venice Commission, but the refusal of the expression was a trace of the conversation. Toy be shone on offers from justice Minister Danail Kirilov the mechanism for being investigated by the chief prosecutor and the chief on the air forces and the Supreme Arbitration Court, and they were blown away from them for an urgent amount of time.

Tsatsarov and Geshev, both of whom commented on the refusal of President Rumen Radev, and when he issued a decree appointing Ivan Geshev for the new chief prosecutor. Dzhavnaviyat, the head of the motivator, decides si from Lipsat to truly withdraw from fasting and announcements, what is the source of such.

“Mr. Geshev did not give the request, we replace, or not, the constitution did not give the answer. Ima decision to the Constitutional Congress, koeta kazva, th


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competency ”

comment in Petz Tsatsarov. And explain why today the meeting at Vishshia will be removed, there were two possibilities in some way.

“The unanimous glasuvane for the candidacy is renewed, that is, the recruitment is not less than the 17th voice and the Ottamans are appointed to Mr. Geshev by decree on the president. It’s the second time that you can go to Nenabirana for 17 votes and start a new procedure, ”clarify Tsatsarov. Hardly a new biha procedure could have been given directions and other nominations, as the chief prosecutor. Geshev be elected from membership on the BCC on October 24th with 20 votes “for” and 4 votes “against.”

For yes ima new obsedzhane and glasuvan on the BCC both, it is necessary in “The Bulletin of the Bulletin” to be published a reference to Radev, with a certain refusal and appoint Geshev. Probably comrade will be in a break for publication on Tuesday, and BCC will be discussed on Thursday.

For tozi den veche, a protest was voiced against the friendship of the FIGHTER, co-opted from the founding of the opposition for the election to Geshev. The organization reserved for the space to be spent on the survey to the edge of the year.

“The President is rightful, that one of the constitution. Thanks to the wisdom that you should constitutionally terminate your affairs in the foreseeable future, like a kaza, ”commentary Geshev. And again, thank you for all the nonsense colleagues from the professional community for trust.

“Tova e is the only professional choice, not politically. Thanks to the BCC, Koito, in the forerunner, has been listened to in the Goljamata part of the ass. Thanks and on the namesake, koito glasuvah against men. And thanks to the comrade, whose procedure is as open as possible, transparent and public from the start, the European country is not the same as anyone else.

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for a period of 10 hours, or for a long time, it’s not known to me, ”continued Geshev. To ask whether it was kind and good for him and for himself he was second to the candidate, Geshev explain, the procedure is written down in the law, and the question for the second candidate was theoretical. According to him, from a 10-hour hearing, both of them could have been heard all the time, although they were not oppressed by the 2nd, 3rd or 15th candidate.

“It’s decided that you must select a candidate from the prosecutor’s office. All have been dined by a single candidate, Ima Takava of the law of opportunity, not a violation of the law, just as I can not see any problems. Az byah himself and someone else’s candidate for the chief of the specialized prosecutor’s office, ”recall Geshev.

Malko is familiar with the petty village of Slavyanovo, President Radev, who reiterated his commentary on the topic: “Bulgaria is better than a prosperir; Assessment for professional qualities on the candidate for the chief prosecutor and technician selection has eliminated the power of Vishia to be removed. Neka and not speculiram and not lawsuits, but we have the influence of a cato institution with predictive action. ” Such a head, dissuade the question of whether the Constitutional Congress would vote for an election to Ivan Geshev, but the BCC reiterated. Having called on the senator Kam Radev to protest the cross Geshev. Those insistences for the camp from the Constitutional Court gave the BCC a chance to automatically nominate a candidate, or a rag and a very new procedure for selection to the chief prosecutor.

Marinov: Coy, but not the Ministry of Internal Affairs and serve, maybe evaluate Geshev

“Let’s do the most normal service; Ivan Geshev will support him for the newly appointed prosecutor. They work daily with him, and he worked. Coy, but not the same, you can give an estimate for the awkward work. With him, I’ve worked kindly and well, since I have taken every need of quality. ”

Such a secretary, Minister Mladen Marinov, has been supported by a commentary, co-ordinated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and specialize the Dadok’s service for the election of the chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev.

“Couldn’t yes, the commentators decide on the president. Tova sa si nehovi constitutional law and that guy practiced ”, add the Minister.

By reason, remove the violations of Marinov’s account, explain that the police didn’t check all the signals and did the job.

Percentage annoying the production to the base by suppressing all the latency signals, increasing the protocol for warning – they will do it, but when checking for the signal you don’t have to collect enough data for educated on the unfair production, the Law on the Ministry of Internal Affairs giving police powers served and make up the protocol, Explain Marinov.

Ninova: Do not laugh at Radev

BSP is not sir let yes dava shine on the president. That one of the constitutional possibilities, which was not given at all, Caza Cornelia Ninova on the basis of the decision is decided on Rumen Radev and the external procedure for the selection of the newly appointed prosecutor.

“The position on the BSP is that withdrawal from a single participant is not truly withdrawal. Unity is a man who can be sure to truly verbalize the removal, Borisov’s premiere, because according to the law of the sentence they will either save from the prosecutor or from the government ”, add Ninova. Spored by her Minister-Chairperson, he participated in the agreement and the candidacy for Geshev was published. You see the leader on a friend of the party, but not on the other side of the onslaught on the BCC.

In dissuasion from the coat of arms of the otvernakh, who was nominated for the candidacy for the chief prosecutor from the government law of opportunity, but not its repayment. “Ako byahme was exercised by Tov’s legal authority, a lot of questions and questions”, as deputy to the Coat of Arms Krasimir Tsipov.

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