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Toyota Prius 4×4, but only up to 10 km / h – Auto News

The Los Angeles Auto Show debuted in the updated Toyota hybrid. Modifications to the Prius include significant improvements to the passenger compartment, cosmetic changes to the exterior and, most importantly, the AWD-e system. the latter will initially be offered only in Japan and is in the form of additional equipment.

The new rear axle transmission is equipped with an additional 7.2 hp electric motor. His task is to help the vehicle at start-up, but it works only at a speed of 10 km / h. As soon as this minimum speed is reached, the electric motor will turn off and the car will turn on only in the front gearbox.

An electric motor that supports the rear wheels on start-up can be switched on briefly with electronics in the event of a spur on the front wheels in order to stabilize the car. But there are also speed limits. This can only happen at a speed of 69 km / h.

Otherwise, the main unit of the hybrid tract is well known. This is a 1.8-liter engine with 96 horsepower. The electric motor in power transmission provides system power up to 122 horsepower. For AWD-e cars, lithium ion batteries will be replaced by nickel-metal hydrides.

Externally refurbished, the Prius can be recognized on the new headlights and front bumper, as well as on the rear taillights at the rear. Inside, the most noticeable change is due to the new, vertically positioned 11.6-inch screen. Otherwise, the Japanese say that they have significantly improved the materials and assembly.

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