Sunday , January 17 2021

Thunder in the house of Big Brother! Nikita and Zlatka Raikova shared a bed … – Blitz

"How do you feel? I have not slept all night. ” This is how blonde Zlatka began reconciliation with Nikita in the House of Big Brother.

“There are things that I think, but it’s not good for all the cameras to tell them.” You won't like them, and I don't want the tension to escalate. The world is small. Emanuela felt me, if you feel me well. "This is connected with something outside the house, there are two people in a relationship, not three."

“Last night you throw something, you don’t want to say it, you throw others now — you don’t want it, but I will tell you one thing — it doesn’t bother me,” the blonde says.

“I don't feel here, I'm not sure how I feel, and maybe I want to leave.

In the question of Big Brother, he correctly understood that both Nikita shared the same person, the brothers confirmed. It turned out that Zlatka was sleeping with her current husband, Borislav.

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