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Things that do not want to hear the mother of twins

In recent years, a growing number of twins. At the same time, being a mother of twins is a real blessing, but also a great responsibility. However, there are cases when these mothers get out of control, and this is most often caused by some wrong phrases that are used by their relatives and friends. See what the twins never hear:

Things that do not want to hear the mother of twins

Do you have other twins in the family?

It is possible to have other twins in the family or not. The pair can also be in vitro. Whatever the cause of the twins, the mother may not want to infiltrate this topic, so do not raise the topic unless she decides to share it herself.

I do not know how you do it?

In fact, no one knows other than herself (even in some cases, she asks about it). In any case, there is no choice, so your question is meaningless and rather cumbersome.

Which one is more?

In fact, the question is quite confusing. One of the children came out a minute before the other. It does not make one child big and the other smaller. They are still twins.

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One looks smoother, smoother, shy and so on …

Unlike the generally accepted perception of people, the twins do not play a role and change their temperament and develop every day. Therefore, at some point a person smiles, and the next does not make him more angry than his brother or sister. Therefore, such conclusions are unacceptable and offensive to the mother.

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Which one do you prefer?

Asking a mother, which one of her two children prefers, is one of the most unacceptable questions. Of course, for each parent his child is special, and he loves him unconditionally! In addition, a mother who carried her two children for nine months in the womb could never love each other!

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How many of them are the same, how do you distinguish them?

Depending on your mother's temperament, your question may remain hanging in space without an answer or get a not very polite answer. Gemini is not necessarily identical in appearance. Of course, the similarities may be impressively large, but in the end they remain two children, each of which has its own characteristics. Even if it confuses them, if the mother is not very close to you, she is unlikely to tell you.

My sister (cousin, neighbor, colleague) also has twins.

Great, but why do you think this information is necessary for the mother. These types of statements are probably caused by the inability to connect the conversation in any other way, but keep in mind that he does not like her, but rather make her nervous.

I fully understand you. It looks like two!

Mothers who have given birth to a child can never be compared to mothers of twins. No matter how disobedient and energetic your child is, he does not require the same care as when breeding two at the same time.

The same applies to those mothers who have given birth to two children in a short space. Although this situation is definitely stressful, you cannot compare it with caring for twins. So keep this in mind and keep such statements about twin mothers.

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