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The marking, the owner of the car, the camp of Misis Bulgaria 2019 International

Before the days in Sofia, we’ll have a competition for the nai-beauties of marrying a wife, in some four or two honors distinction from the title Missis Bulgaria 2019. Those conquerors crowned the medium of 300 candidates from the preliminary casting.

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One from the carrier is the distinctive playlist of Nedelina Tsaneva, a separate owner of the car dashboard and the very front of a few weeks of svadba with Yordan Petrov. Vednaga trace of Kato Dvmata officially “Kazakh” si “Yes”, you get paid for participating in the 21st forum for beauty. For the marriage ceremony, which was once held by the president Octomvri, who wanted “Jezeretz”, Blagoevgrad, specializing in the design of designer Stoyan Radichev, was dressed in the style of an impressive rocket without contempt. Crocheting a tolette with a dlboko V-shaped neckline next to the format т taloto ѝ, and in the dolnata, it is often finished with diplomas from the floor from the chiffon. For yes, the visibility is complete, the vision for golemia den, more than a yak from the dantel near the shiyat si, like a diadem with stone.

Having taken in the second lodge on “Missis Bulgaria”, the witch’s footprint is official of Rockley, climbed out onto the stage and grabbed his own wife, someone who was bored to eat a bit like he felt he had eaten the evening off at home with the winner. That one persuaded me that he had already married for a true wife, and for him the slumber had given importance to the glittering crown, and the protection of Nedelin to shine in sarcetum.

"Missis Bulgaria" is not the first tape, co-Tsaneva sorrow. You are also wearing a carrier at Mis Stara Zagora 2014, Mis Sofia 2015 and Best Erotic Model 2017.

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