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The head of GDBOP has confirmed the BLIT explosion for arrests on schemes with TEMP! Squeak huge! – BLISTER

The prosecutor of Lovech region, Valentin Valkov, confirmed the fact that BLITZ had opened up new arrests of doctors with the help of TELK.

TELK Chairman – Lovech Donka Minkova was detained as an accused of bribery, as well as one of the intermediaries for issuing money to TEMP employees. Detention took place this morning for 72 hours. Vulkov said this at a joint briefing with Ivaylo Spiridonov, the director of DGCOC. They must still have a permanent arrest warrant.

The detention is related to the pre-trial bribery proceedings that began a year ago in the regional prosecutor's office in Lovech after the operational development of the GDBOP in relation to officials of TEMP – Lovech. During the pre-trial proceedings yesterday / January 30 /, searches and seizures of many documents, computers, telephones and a large amount of money were carried out at 17 addresses in the Lovech district. The actions concerned the activities of TELK – Lovech.

Only in BLITZE: New arrests of doctors for treatment with TEMP! Prosecutor's office and GOCB hit by grave fraudsters

13 thousand leva were found at the arrested intermediary. He will be charged with several crimes, Valkov said. He added that many witnesses are being surveyed, some of whom are of Roma origin, who have received illegal decisions in the past two years from TELK – Lovech, with a certain, mainly high, percentage of disability. In most cases, there were no illnesses among those who received such decisions.

According to the district attorney, dozens of people took advantage of such TEMP decisions. In the following days, after the assessment and analysis of the collected evidence, it will be estimated how many more people will be blamed, including one or two doctors. Valentin Valkov added that the whole TELC committee – Lovech, which consists of four people, as well as one or two doctors is involved in the scheme.


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