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The bolt that gets in the way made in the USA for Apple

Even before US President Donald Trump asked Apple to “start making damn computers and everything in this country” about a year ago, the company tried to improve its image in 2012 with the slogan “Made in the USA” Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the new Mac Pro will be produced exclusively in the United States, after which the "production" became the "assembly" of devices in Texas, as in Bachowitz, for example, we "assembled" the Chinese concern Great Wall.

In the case of Apple, this meant that most of the components were still manufactured in China and only assembled in Texas. But even this clearly overestimates the possibilities of local industry.

According to the New York Times, the concern had to postpone the supply of high-performance cylindrical computers, since the local supplier could not produce more than 1000 bolts per day even during the testing phase. When mass production began, Apple acquired screws from China, clearly set out in the material.

Sources from the New York Times report that the shortage of bolts is just one of several problems that have caused Mac Pros to be delayed for months. Only in December 2018, a high-end computer finally appeared on the market. The complexity of creating a relatively small number of computers in Texas illustrates Apple's expectations if it transfers a significant part of its production from China to the United States. Apple has found that no other country can bypass China in scale, capacity, infrastructure, and low prices. Of course, not in the United States.

“The opportunities here are amazing,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook at a conference in China at the end of 2017. To produce Apple products, he needed the best machines and people who knew how to do it. “In the United States, we can have a broad meeting of tool engineers, and I’m not sure that we can fill the room,” Cook said. "In China, you can fill in several soccer fields with them."

The final assembly of additional equipment in the United States is more than unlikely in the future, not only because of the lack of industrial capacity in the country. This is a labor-intensive part of production, so labor costs play a crucial role. The New York Times writes that Apple pays not only the local minimum wage of about $ 2.10 per hour, but also about $ 3.15 per hour. In the US, companies will have to pay much higher wages for such jobs. So Mac Pro will be not only one of the most powerful, but also one of the most expensive computers.

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