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Tesla reports a loss of $ 1 billion in 2018

Last year, Tesla's turnover reached $ 21.4 billion, which is 82% more than in 2017, the company’s financial statement says. But losses of the Californian manufacturer of electric vehicles exceed 976 million dollars.

According to Ilona Musk in the summer of 2018, Tesla was on the verge of bankruptcy, predicted by many experts in the automotive industry. By August, the company was “burning” at a rate of $ 480,000 per hour and almost completely exhausted its reserves.

However, the measures taken by the board of directors saved Tesla. Thanks to the layoffs, the cancellation of free access to charging stations and the suspension of the discount program with a new recommendation of the client in the fourth quarter, the company made a profit of $ 139 million.

In the last three months of last year, 63,359 units of models 3 and more than 27,000 models S and Model X were purchased. From this month, the cheapest Tesla electric vehicle was sold in Europe and China at the peak of the production line. 7000 "threes" per week fell. Total sales in 2018 reached 239,475 copies.

Mssk promises that from now on Tesla will make a profit every next quarter. The developer predicts a 50 percent increase in production this year, which is an important milestone for the company's first pick-up, which is scheduled for spring.

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