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Sports | Alonso called Schumacher the toughest contender in Formula 1

Alonso called Schumacher the toughest contender in Formula 1

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Fernando Alonso does not express his emotions until the end of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, his last F1 start. Two-time world champion left the race after his 18th season in a row.

"At the moment I think that the usual weekend is waiting for me, but for me it will be completely emotional, but at the moment I still do not think about the race, but I hope that it will be useful for me, and not just for to be my last, ”Alonso told a press conference before the start of the race weekend.

Most of the questions were directed specifically at the Spanish pilot, who joked that in 2019 he would have the most press conferences. Alonso was asked to return to his memories and identify his most difficult opponent in Formula 1. Michael Schumacher, whom he defeated in a direct duel in 2005 and 2006, was a world champion with Renault.

"There is no definite reason why I think this is my strongest rival: when I entered Formula 1, Michael dominated this sport, and I was a newcomer to see a few years later, to argue about the title with him, and then beat it’s unthinkable twice in a row: “My battles with him have always been more special and emotional,” said Alonso.

According to the Spaniard, Formula 1 currently has the most talented generation of pilots. "However, for emotional reasons, Michael is one step ahead of all, and technical eras cannot compare."

"Throughout my career, I tried to do the same, doing everything possible, fighting with different pilots, being in a different situation, but my approach has never changed," said the Spaniard,

Alonso put an end to his career in Formula 1 and will go to different series in 2019. Alonso will make a second attempt to win the "500-mile Indianapolis" – the most popular race in the United States. If he does, Alonso will become only the second pilot in the history of the Triple Crown in the Motorcycle after Graham Hill.

The Triple Crown represents a victory at the Monaco Grand Prix in Formula 1, a triumph in the Indy 500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Alonso won two wins in Monaco, and in 2018 he won the Le Mans prototype Toyota.

“The best thing that I did in Formula 1 was the people I worked with, with whom I spent half of my life, and I met many talented designers and engineers, highly skilled mechanics, this is the best that I remember. there aren't many races, ”said Alonso.

The two-time Formula One champion explained that he is not closing the door to return, but at this stage he does not think about this possibility.

"Over time, I realized that my success meant for Spain and my native region, Asturias, before Formula 1 and motor racing did not follow as much as there were no traditions, until 2003 even the race was not broadcast directly on TV, my great pride, which I managed to glorify Spain and make my way in my home country, ”said the pilot.

World champion Lewis Hamilton was laconic for Alonso, but explained that the sport will lack the Spanish pilot. They were teammates at McLaren in 2007 when their relationship was bad. Subsequently, they returned to normal when they started driving different teams.

“We have not had problems since 2007. Even lately, we got together and had fun playing on my console, ”said Hamilton.

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