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Shooting and catastrophic blockades head over the country in the country (photos) – Society

He took down the catastrophe of the main gate of the country.

Nai-Tozhka Be Situated on E-79 between Vidin and Montana. Recalling the type of TIR there is obzna tazi sutrin on patya and go block. In other parts of the site, you have a catastrophe. As a consequence, on Tova TIR-ove, and if the letter is the rest of the blockade on his side.

The orange code is in force for 6 regions in Iztochna Bulgaria – Bourgas, Varnensk, Dobrichka, Shumensk, Razgradsk and Turgovishka. Tamse ochakva is strong having taken off and vyatyr and ima dangers from medicine.

The situation in Rusensko is complicated by a snow floor and a strong ground floor, at a speed of 50 km / h. Snezhnata pokrivka on places in the region reached up to 25 centimeters. 23 of the population of the site without electricity, and in the other three electrically protected parts of it are partially disturbed. Causes damage from wetting and damage to electrical connections. Eqipi on elektrorazminditelnoto-friendliness work on suspended on accident. Presumably, to the edge of the day, the electrical fuses are still installed.

Zaradi strengths of snow grip and scattered visibility of the se to the signal limit on movement at the kamioni over 12 tones from Ruse to Byala, Razgrad and Silistra. Stop the situation in the region even if winter conditions occur.

Malko was told about 16 hours by the API, which was gradually transferred to the tezhkotovarni cars over 12 tones along I-5 Byala-Ruse. At the cut-off point, the snow reached between half and one meter, informaha from the patsiment of the agency.

The sixth machine will work on the snow on I-4 Sevlievo – Veliko Tarnovo. Cut off all sandwiches, prevent catalysts from measuring the temperature. It is necessary to watch and carate attentively, as soon as the conditions of speed and distance are necessary.

Withdrew Wali and in Tsalyata Razgradsk region. There, there is water on the snow, but for the snow, but for processing, it will be controlled by the BNT on duty in the Oblast. Draw the flooring of the plant from 19 cars onto the podnopoddzhraschite firms. The temperature in the region is in the range from minus two to minus one. It is necessary to impose restrictions on the movement of land in the oblast, not postpalla information and for the population of a place without electricity and water.

The situation is complicated on the territory of Silistra, the snowy grass, is attached to the airport, and the precursor mode is preset and the border is set from the front office to the "Border Police". The National Meteorological Administration in Romania has entered the code “Zhloto” on the territory of the Kalasz region, Kato’s predictor, and for 29 days it is snow-covered and strong.

Temporarily not installed on feribotny platform, serving the border point Fistula – Zimnich and Nikopol – Turnu Magurele. The feribotnata platform at the Oryahovo sycPPP GKPP itself, in part, from the denonoscieto itself, is compiled from meteorological conditions. The State Duma "Border Police" is a civilian counterpart from the alternative route.

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