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Sex with a baby! Godfather actor: Marilyn Monroe made me a man

The Godfather actor Gianni Russo says he was abused by Marilyn Monroe at the age of 15. The sex symbol of America was then 33 years old. The age difference, however, did not prevent the star from dragging the teenager into the bath.

“I could not resist,” the man admits.

Russo, who plays Carlo Ricci in Francis Coppola's legendary mafia film, claims the couple maintained close relationships until Monroe died in 1962.

“Marlon Brando was my only acting teacher, Frank Sinatra was my only singing teacher, and Marilyn Monroe made me a man,” says the 75-year-old actor.

“She taught me everything I know. I thought I was the happiest boy in the world. If this happened now, they would send her to jail, and my parents would try to earn money on this, ”said Russo. in an interview with The Sun.

In his book of memoirs, he recalls how he worked at a hairdresser in New York, where Monroe often washed his hair.

“Marilyn was very sweet. After several such visits, I saw her as a normal person, and not a Hollywood star, ”he said.

After a while, Monroe invited him to the hotel to help her with her hairdo. According to the recollections of a man, the whole room was littered with clothes, dirty dishes, the bed was not clean, and the star itself looked like a homeless woman without makeup.

Monroe poured champagne on Russo, then threw out her towel and invited him to join her in the bathroom. According to him, they spent the whole weekend in bed. He did not tell anyone about the case, "because no one would believe it."

The truth about his relationship with the star appeared by chance. On the set of The Godfather, Marlon Brando remembered Monroe's early death, calling her "the goddess in bed." Rousseau, unaware of this, nodded in agreement.

On the set of "The Godfather of Russo" was 25 years old without any experience in acting. But he was well versed in the criminal environment, as he was a member of the mafia.

The actor starred in 30 films and opened a successful casino in Las Vegas. His business went well until 1988, when he committed his second murder. In his casino, he kills a member of the drug mafia who rapes the girl. Then photographs of his daughter and dead chickens and lizards were sent to his house. Conflict with the mafia leader is resolved when the drug lord realizes that Rousseau is participating in The Godfather.

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