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Sell ​​on the iPhone s srinah record – Technologies

Challenge Apple to sell on the iPhone a lot on the iPhone. Kompaniya announced a rather disappointing result for the last trimesichie, according to the tradition of hiding the active members of the festival. In addition, the sales on the iPhone are from 15%.

Apple sued yes, remembered with service b

Climate Disasters Now Add to Your iPhone

This is done by the way from analyzers and investors. For Capac, Apple, lower and predict si for the following trimessechee, kato ochakva sales on the iPhone and fall from 10%.

“Yepl” se srina, accusing China

How Apple itself fails in one from the success of si godini

Apple has given some reason to hurt her. On the first floor of the company, on the strength of the dollar, coito vdiga price on the iPhone in developing this pazari and the refusal of the consumer. The Operator Operator will offer all small subsidies for new phones, which means that the consumer will be clothed moreover. Thirdly, Apple’s Samata program for Yevtina Zamyan, an old Bateria with Novi, a number of motives of the horat and a phone call for a bit more. Kompaniya predictor, two factors and a pre-trail follow a few months.

iPhone ruin inertia, whether they dwelt on erata on Apple

Apple decided and decided not to give concrete results for selling iPhone breaks. Spread data on the analyzer's company Bernstein, selling 66.6 million phones for the last trimeschechie. Tovas come from 15% in a small way, then drop off from the lot and come from the sales on the phone – a little under $ 52 billion from CNET.

How Apple itself fails in one from the success of si godini

Overall, come to Apple for $ 84.3 billion in trimeshechio sa – a drop from a little over 4% of the right-minute minalat. The good of the nova is new, it has become a brute to investorite, and, for the sake of that, they will decline even in goals. Caused by a slowdown e kindness represent digital services on the company. Those will reach a record come in the size of 10.9 billion dollars – Nai-Visokite historians.

Apple is twisted on iPhone

Tov's show, what is more, for Apple, succeed and intent on the formula for digital services. Kompaniya Ima 360 million subscribers in general for distinguish services, koito Osiguryavat come. And the decline on the iPhone showed, that Apple is still more in need from alternative incomes.

All the more precisely, the iPhone Osiguryava Osnovyawa has come to the bottom, and the iPhone has clearly reached its peak. From one country, goods are visible and tendencies are visible from the mesetsi. Couldn’t be a lawsuit, and even a product or service, even in permanent distribution. Invest veche sakash se reconciliation with the fact, after the reality of the signal and the all-powerful iPhone.

Prez the last about two years of the price on the iPhone is so expensive and more complicated, and make some news in it that doesn’t sound like an impression on the model, Koito has done a lot of good work on the consumer. This kind of imam is all a little argument and the phone will be replaced every other year, but all the more reason why it is delayed for a long time.

Tov e problems for all hard-core products at Apple, as well as at other companies. It is precisely the shutter of this ceti tate all the time and number of digital services and subscriptions, with Koito and Nadavat yes balance we get you.

Apple Watch is a device with an EKG

Apple replayed the iPhone with three new models

For some of the company tovah is not a problem. Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, for example, view the harduer nay-veche kato, are added to the source and medium for advertising media in golemite si fenove. For Apple, both companies, who are interested in deciding how to find a device on a device, have been transformed by the company for the services of the company. It is still more likely with huge financial resources and reserves, so far from problems with stability, but a lawsuit and podsyguri blessedly, a shabby thing, and just like that.

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