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Sasha Kadiev's favorite escape to another VIDEO

For several years now, TV presenter Sasho Kadiev has been seriously involved with salsa dancer Tanya Toncheva, but they have no marriage. Apparently offended by the long postponement and inaction, she decided to take a cardinal step – to go for marriage, but not with him, but with another.

Intrigue Sasho shed in the show "Before Noon," which he had dreamed of for several days. The leader hurried to explain that this is the script of the song "Porna Noche " or # Forgotten, in which his wife plays the bride's seducer. In the video, a naughty brunette, instead of spending her first wedding night with her husband, leaves with one of the wedding musicians – Dimitar Lazarov – De Fuego

Kadiev, however, praised his wife for succeeding and presented the play in Spanish, which brings together the best Latin American circles in Bulgaria. The main performer is Dimitar Lazarov De Fuego, a musician and creator of one of the largest salsa schools. Alfredo Torres and the Sanchez brothers, who have been playing in Cuba, Mexico and Spain for over 15 years, write

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