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Places where we should not put your VIDEO-phone

It is hard to imagine what our life would be without a phone. But have you ever wondered if you need to take him to the bathroom or bed? The following examples show that there are still places that we often leave without even realizing the damage. That's who they are:

Of course, it is very convenient to put the phone in your pocket, but this hides its dangers. First, you can easily break his screen. It is also very easy for thieves to take it without even knowing it. Do you remember how many times you recruited someone, not wanting because you are sitting on it?

Enter phone in the pocket may also lead to health problems. The University of Exeter has shown that electromagnetic waves from a device affect the quantity and quality of male seminal fluid. Women, as a rule, put their phones in a bra, but they are advised not to do this, as this increases the risk of developing cancer.

at Kids toys it is the habit of the mother, which is better not to exist. Studies show that this can lead to problems with children's behavior, such as hyperactivity and lack of attention.

It is not good to leave your phone and cold, If the temperature is below 0 degrees and then enter a warm room, condensation will occur, which will worsen the condition of the phone. The best way is to buy special berths that are suitable for all kinds of temperatures.

The biggest mistake we all make is to put our phone under the pillowThe waves that emit a device can cause headaches and sleep problems that can lead to even more serious problems, reports Darik.

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