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PHOTOS show what a terrible winter apocalypse has overtaken Bulgarian drivers – BLITZ

Due to heavy snow and wind, the crossing of the Kainarja border crossing near Silistra ceases. Ferries in Svishtov and Nikopol are temporarily suspended, and the ferry Oryahovo will travel only during the daytime.

At the same time, hundreds of trucks are waiting for the clock on the Danube Bridge, on the Bulgarian and Romanian side, reports bTV.

The news that every driver should know

The reason for this is the ban on the movement of vehicles of more than 12 tons. Ruse – Razgrad, Ruse – Byala and Ruse – Silistra. Especially difficult situation for trucks in our northern neighbor.

Reporter Nova TV has experienced a huge nightmare because of snow, stagnant Bulgaria (PHOTOS)

They cannot reach the Bulgarian border for more than 12 hours. Romanian authorities pass 30 trucks every half hour.

Today, snow and disasters have closed many roads in the country. Trucks have been blocked and blocked throughout northern Bulgaria.

Elsewhere, cars were stopped to clear snow. The travel agency has announced closed highways. Dozens of trucks fell into a snow trap on the old road to Vitinia.

Meanwhile, the traffic is still difficult on most roads in the country. After yesterday, heavy snow fell all day, the temperature today has dropped significantly, and there was ice.

Restrictions are in the northern part of the country – there is a temporary suspension of movement of vehicles above 3.5 on the road Shumen – Razgrad near Belokopitovdue to zero visibility. For all cars the road is limited. Durankulak – Kardam because of the snowfall.

For trucks over 12 tons the cut is prohibited Silistra – Dobrichwhere the snow is being cleared.

at Sofia 140 snow blowers on the ground, priority is given to the streets of public transport and steeper terrain.

Only in BLITS! Snow in Sofia made its first big beard! (A PHOTO)

After the road blockade, which lasted for several hours, traffic was restored along the Botevgrad-Sofia road in Vitinia, where dozens of trucks were blocked in a snow boat yesterday.

Trucks were walking along the Hemus highway, and because of the icy route along the old road, some blocked and blocked traffic.


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