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Oddly enough deciding in the hospital of complication of the trail of flu

A 2-year-old woman started working in the oblast hospital in Pazardzhik, a community of restaurants.

Deteto e from Velingrad and e bilo dokarano in a very special way from a medical institution. It was also sick because of the flu, because of the development of bronchopneumonia. Zaradov tov on a weekly days, he went to hospital in Velingrad, the trace was written out.

As a matter of fact, it was hurriedly brought to Velingradskaya Bolnitsa, from which it was transported to Pazardzhik. When locally taken, the healers installed a two-sided pneumonia taj.

Enjoy the inability to deteto and disha self-indulgently, intubirano and put on command dishan in reanimation on the children's department. In addition, heightened on the doctor, in a few hours, momichenceto began.

From the beginning on the influenza epidemia in Bulgaria, the dowry over 10 souls. Sporred by specialist for complications when boestta sa many tajki. Ahead of the 5-year-old days of childbirth in Bolnitsata in Blagoevgrad. That has developed a lot of complications from the flu. At the same time, in Pleven, the initiation is only one bebe, which is both viral and infectious.

Itself in the area nyakolko or nyama flu influenza epidemic.

From the morning, 31 Januari, REZI-Gabrovo announcement of influenza epidemic on the territory of the region. Learn classes that they will reinstall over a period of up to 5 February, from a prescriber to the Ministry of Health.

The situation in the region of Razgrad and the region on the morbidity of the RZI-Razgrad has issued an order for increasing the period of pre-installation for classes at the school until February 4 of this year, including.

Zaradi for namalyavane sick from the edge of the respiratory disease of the REZI Haskovo from the morning abolishing all the activities of anti-epidemic measures on the territory of Haskovo.

From RZI-Lovech pkn will cancel the influenza epidemic on the territory of the community Lukovit.

Epidemiat se canceled and in Sofia region from 1 February, somehow and anti-epidemic measures on territory on the region.

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