Tuesday , January 19 2021

Mother Dawns spoke

This morning, in the office of the director of the 5th school in Blagoevgrad, Ms. Trichkova gathered participants in a scandalous rally that was held earlier in the city today. In the presence of their parents, the girls, who were beaten by Dawn’s classmates, explained the matter. One of them is the daughter of a famous local businessman. The evidence of the twelfth grade is controversial. They blame each other, and the teachers say that the girls will understand. It’s not the opinion that Galina’s beaten schoolgirl’s mother, as she spoke to on struma.com: “I’m very angry, I warned my class teacher on Friday that both girls were terrorizing Dawns.

They force her to give them money, 20 levs, 10 levs, presumably for unpaid cannabis cigarettes. After she refused to smoke, they both put her in an incredible harassment with threats: “You will blow up the boys for money, we will beat you, etc.” Zori took it a long time and told me on Friday. I immediately called the school to take action, but on Sunday my child was attacked and beaten. I understand that they are at a difficult age, but where are the adults? I warned that something happened to these girls. Why they were not warned, but it was a battle. I filed a complaint with the police, and I realized that the police knew one of the girls, who was previously at the pharmacy, but was her friend. They sent a girl to take drugs and make Zori smoke. Some time ago Zori told me that I tried such cigarettes, I took very strict measures, and she stopped, now she was blackmailing her. How did I save my child? "I asked today at the office of Mrs. Trichkov." One of the girls said that Zorka had attacked her, but she had an operation, she had an operation in line, so a collision occurred. Mother Dawns, children, to understand between them, a big scandal, and approached the police.

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