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Liverpool heard the shuffling of the guillotine in the center of Paris – Football World – Champions League

Liverpool suffered a third defeat in a row as a guest in the group stage of the Champions League and ahead of the search. Last year's finalist retreated 1: 2 against Paris Saint-Germain at Parc de Prins, which puts him in a position to find a mandatory victory with two goals (or only 1: 0) against Naples in the final round.

The French Grand Prix took a very strong first half when the obstacles of Juan Bernat and Neimar fell, Brazil's most successful league champion, James Milner was cut from the penalty spot before the break, but in the second half, Merseyside showed nothing that they deserve to go with something big. Thus, a hard defeat in Serbia against the complete outsider of the Red Star can be a fatal mistake if Jürgen Klop and his boys do not take the score against Naples in their last game.

In another match of the group, the Italians legally defeated the Serbian champion 3: 1 at home.

Already in the 3rd minute, Liverpool saw that it was not easy in the middle of the hot atmosphere of Prince Park. Kilian Babe managed to get out of the guard Dayan Lovren and received a pass in the penalty area, where he tried a diagonal shot. The Croatian defender returned on time and with a timely sword prevented a real danger. In just 3 minutes, Mabepa's chest took the ball to Angela Di Maria before the penalty. The Argentinian shoots diagonally, and Alison with an incredible plan is reflected in the corner.

Logical pressure of the owners occurred in the 13th minute. The Toughwell players easily beat the Liverpool midfielder and Verratti with a good pass to find Mabape in the penalty area. The Frenchman focused on the grass to the far beam, where Van Dyke was very clean. Neither Joe Gomez nor Lovren reacted to the ball remaining in the pennant, but Bernat ran and with a not very strong blow found the lower right corner – 1: 0.

Liverpool woke up after hitting, and to a large extent PSG allowed him to play a little more with the ball. However, the players of Jürgen Klap were hardly in terrible situations, as they had a huge marriage in their materials. For their part, the Parisians tried several counterattacks, and in one of them in the 31st minute, miraculously, the result remained unchanged. Neymar and Cavani played well in the center, and the Brazilian stepped into the center. It is combined with the left Mabape, which established the perfect passage on the grass for the passage of Wada Dyke Cavani. A minute before the Uruguayans played Alison with a heroic plane, he crossed the aisle.

Six minutes later, nothing could save the Reds. PSG rushed forward again, and Mabe was again allowed to break through and go deep into the left side of the attack. The Frenchman quietly walked onto the field, and Cavani again found a passage on the grass. This time, Uruguay was able to shoot, and the approaching Alison ran out. The ball bounced right on the Neamar, two meters behind, with a score 2: 0 on an empty ball.

At the very end of the first half of one of Liverpool's rare strikes on the flank, the guests were given the right to shoot at the penalty box. Angel Di Maria was thrown into a barefoot sword at the feet of Sadio Mana, who, in anticipation of the force of contact, tried to protect himself by falling earlier. Initially, referee Shimon Marcinyak pointed to a corner kick, as a result of which the “red” players had many protests. The judge apparently received help from his assistant behind the door of Buffon and, finally, changed his mind. Thus, state performer James Milner was behind the ball and with a punch in the lower right corner gave Buffon no chance – 2: 1.

The second part began with the abolished PSG target. Angel Di Maria focuses on the direct free kick left to the Paris attack. Marginus jumped up and shot Alison quickly, and then the stupid flag of the judge burned him. The decision was very accurate, because Liverpool successfully deployed not only Markanias and several other teammates in ambush.

Then Liverpool clearly took the initiative by betting on its familiar press, which began to create a lot of headaches for the hosts. Gradually, the solid defense block of the hosts began to pop, and in the 60th minute it was a miracle that Firmino did not equalize the score. Andy Robertson played very well on the left, and on the next ray the “nine” of the “red” was left alone. He tried to hit the nearby top corner, Buffon did not move, just looking at the ball flying over the crossbar.

In the 70th minute, PSG reminded her guests that they could not attack indiscriminately and that they had players who could pose a threat to static situations. The short play corner allowed Baba to concentrate, and 8–9 meters from the door Marginus leaned over Lovren and shot his head. The frame was accurate, but Alison was in his place and saved.

By the end of the game, the game became a real cat-and-mouse game – Liverpool was a team that sent more people to the front and continued to attack, while PSG was looking for their chances for a counterattack. This is how Killian Babe missed in the 85th minute. Only the cool game of Andrew Robertson, who chose his moment to make a sword, prevented the Frenchman from writing. Shortly after this situation, Tuchel finally decided to “close” the match and took out a French star, replacing him with a much more defensive Adrienne Rabio.

In the first of 5 minutes of added time, Neimar tested Alicón for the last time, performing a very dangerous direct free kick. About 23–24 meters, the Brazilian fired through the wall and the ball slid into the lower right corner. The Liverpool goalkeeper decisively stepped in and fired into the corner.


1: 0 Juan Bernatt 13 & # 39;

2: 0 Neymar 37 & # 39;

2: 1 James Milner 45 + 1 & # 39; – Penalty

PSG (3-4-3): Gianluigi Buffon – Marcinos, Tiago Silva, Prespel Kimembe – Tillo Kerer, Marco Verratti, Angel Di Maria (65 & # 39; Daniel Alves), Juan Bernat – Kilian Mabe (85 & Adrien Rabbi) Eric-Maxim Chopo-Moite) , Neymar

trainer: Thomas Thule

Liverpool (4-3-3): Alison Becker – Joe Gomez, Dejan Lovren, Virgil Van Dyke, Andrew Robertson – Giorgio Weinillum (66 – Navi Keita), Jordan Henderson, James Milner (77 – Jordan Shakuri) – Daniel Sturridge, Sadio Mane

trainer: Jürgen Klop

Stadium: Parc de Paris (Paris, France)

Main judge: Shimon Marciniak (Poland)

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