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Horata in Tova Bulgarian village izzhivyavat true hell

Live in the village of German and pray for the train. In cheshite them three months tu ima, tu nyama water. From two months, a water regimen is imposed, but contrary to the standards of piteinata, water is not reached until often from dominance, write

In case of a multiple accident at the water supply system, the impairment will be laced with water and present, a little rag and even in cheshmit. Yesterday from ViK – Dupnitsa kopakha in three places in Seloto, caused – spukan water supply.

Bivshat shivachka Nora Yaneva ce grieving: “Despite the change of water supply before 4 years old, there is no accident on the street Nashat. Dreams to the house before the house.

Blikasha water on the Talazi. Yes, the accident will be removed from the air and water supply, but not all the time before the emergency repair of the pipe. The company manager, a substitute for water supply, did not put poor quality. The Vednag’s trail is supposed to be a problem and an accident, ”declare Nora Yaneva.

Suddenly, you didn’t want to, but imagine, declare: “On the deviation from the main water supply system behind the roofs, the mestorites didn’t stack up by the way. Overlays se yes digging anew, for yes the leak will be removed. The firm made a trace of adventure on repairing the falir. Whom do Tarsim Sega for repair, ”sosted said.

The adult wife seethed Angel Tsvetkov, who received water from August. “Kindly we live to the mountain, we go to the Tolethen in hrustalacite, otherwise we won’t get sick. Imam a friend of a house in Seloth and there wearing a snooze and a feather in the bed. From the friend of the house to the donors we have the water for the piene and the gotva ”, a sign of ty.

Somehow the “Struma” of the scribble, the water is fine for drinking water for s. German preshva from Lipsat on dzhdova. There was a change in water regime, water ima sutrin from 6.00 h to 18.00 h. Next, there is a spiral, after that they will be filled up with water from small water, some from the izvora in Cape Belavoda, but not even Stig and yes, you need to be one of the village golems, like some Germans.

Live in Selotha, cook and cry out for a protest before the WEC, but the problem has not been resolved.

“Tozi problems from the age of one to the village of German, but not a solution to the world.” From ViK – Dupnitsa, there is a lot of creep in the water supply system and not enough undertaking of drastic measurements.

In time, people will be beaten up in a village in Seloto, they’ll give birth to a lot of money, they’ll come from a choir from Dupnitsa, and they will be debited to the water and it’s one, they’ll do it, the residents will say to Seloto, Koito insisted on communion and plan money, for yes water source.


  • Living on the street with a nai-many accident in the village of German

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