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Galin Ivanov at the final talk with Levski

National Galin Ivanov will start Lager on Slavia and send her to Sofia, where you will have a final match with Levski. TOPSPORT Veche Vita informa, che ofanzivniyat football player on the list of people in the list for novini poplnenii on “Sinite”.

Kryloto veche had a conversation with the director of Levski, Pavel Kolev, to the coitus of the proposal for the Guerin. A 30-year-old football player is ima and a lot of offer from Ungariya, create Sport. That is what I want from Haladash, for the coitou is offered 500,000 euros for the next 18 months.

Levski Mu offers a far-away little bet, but also a chance and a dream kids dream – well, the footballer is based on a 26-fold champion.

Ivanov veche Imaa is unsuccessful on the Guerin. The prize for the season 2016/2017 of that izig itself is 4 macha for "cinite" and naked.

Interest kalm Galin andmashe from China, Korea and CSKA 1948.

Ofanzivniyat, the football player parsed her from boss to Slavia Venzi Stefanov and fumble without a transfer sum, so get an offer that is self-satisfied.

Levski suit and the involvement of the national Galin Ivanov from Slavia

Levski se osochi kym national on Bulgaria

"Sinite" iskat yes si varnat Galin Ivanov

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