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Exclusively in BLITZ! Sagata from the sale to Despods before the start

Attack on CSKA Kiril Despodov on the hour from the transfer to Italian Kalyari, create media on the Apeninite. Footballer number 1 in Bulgaria for 2018 once again in the game from one of the most important to the world, please clarify your conditions with the Tim.

BLITZ test pvi on Januari 8, Che Kalyari showing a lot of serious interest in nationalism.

Sponsored information in Italy on the niva club-club is fully agreed and “chervenit” was sent to Kalyari for the assailant, who had 8 goals and 6 goals in the Porva League season.

BLITZ the other day, proclaim, to the edge of the transfernaya, the prozorent has been sold, and the transfer has gotten into the historian Kato Nay-scapia, is right for Bulgarian from our club in a foreign land. A “chervenite” snail is a specific price of 5 million euros for Despodes. Obviously, Sumat has no problem for Kalyari, but the club’s suit and satisfaction is desired by trenora Rolando Maran, the coito insisted on getting a good footballer, coito is clearer and acting somehow on the flank, taka and on the attack.

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A 22-year-old Despodov beaten by a scoop from a scout on Ricardo Gufanti Kalari.

Timothy from Sardinia is a loan of 14 pounds in Serie "A", kato from the beginning on the season of ima 4 victories, 9 equalities and 8 ruin.

Ako transfer to Despodov, among other things, has also become a partner in Series "A". Bring him on the Apeninite Games Nikolai Iliev, Hristo Stoichkov, Valerie Bozhinov, Ivaylo Chochev, Aleksandar Tonev and Andrei Galbinov. Nikolay Mikhailov is often from Verona, and Mario Kirev is purchased from Juventus, but goalkeeper Taka and Dasha didn’t take part in the double action from the “A” series.

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