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Eriksson's hero for Tottenham won 1: 0 over Inter

Christian Eriksen came out of the bench to keep Tottenham’s hopes in the battle for the Champions League.

The Danish player excelled in Inter from 1: 0 after late autumn, and therefore Londoners were compared with Neradzor points in Group B, both teams have 7.

However, the advantage in direct matches is the Moriceio Pochetino team, and in the final round they will be continued if they achieve at least the same result as the Italian team. Tottenham Hotspur receives Barcelona and Inter takes in PSV.

Among the hosts, it is perhaps surprising that Christian Eriksen and Hung Min Son remain on the bench, despite the wait. Eric Lamela, Lucas Moore, Harry Winks and Jan Vertonghen were four changes. For the guests, the differences from the last match were also 4, while Brozovich, Vezino, Perisic and Irkari were returning.

It is expected that the spurs will actively play from the start, but they cannot reach the net position in these first minutes. However, on the 8th Keine broke into the penalty area, but ran too far. However, the diagonal stack, Handanovich knocked the ball into the corner, but the London player did not add.

There were claims for a penalty after Mora was quite tough handed over to Politano, but the judge felt that this was a game on his shoulder. The Italians did not seem to be overwhelmed by the pressure of the Spurs.

Dele Ali fired a little at the door in the situation, and Kane was extraordinary in those moments with regard to the hold. Lamela's experience followed, but again the shot was not accurate.

Gradually, the pace reached, and Tottenham, seemed to lose little energy. At the 26th minute, the hosts failed to break the ball, but Ningolan did not use and could not make a good shot.

The Italians began to dominate the ball, but in the 30th minute they were barely caught on the counter. Sisko broke to the right and found Ali, who combined with Mora. The Brazilian was about 15 meters from the door, but he didn’t shoot well and did not interfere with Handanovich, wasting this very good chance.

The initiative returned to the hosts, and in the 39th minute their luck turned their backs. Harry Winx turned the ball to a great distance of about 20-22 meters, but she met the crossbar.

Shortly before the break, Nerazzurri struck when Raja Ningolang was injured and was replaced by Valero. Nevertheless, the guests tied with the score 0-0, and, perhaps, with the man after the Lamela with the buttons against Brozovic, but only missed the yellow card.

After the break, Vezino shot for the guests, but inaccurately, and then Asamoa overtook Kane in the center of Mora. Winks was not right on the new remote experience, sending the ball to the touch, and then Shkriniar covered Kane on the corner. It is logical that Moriceio Pochetino let Sono out after his team survived in the corner in which Shkrinari got distracted a little past the door.

The Korean instantly influenced himself when he turned left and tried to find Kane at the door, but De Vray was killed. Christian Eriken also entered and immediately delivered a great ball to the far beam, but Vertongen stepped aside! The time at Tottenham was running out.

Perrysic forced Loris to save his influence on the diagonals before Wembley finally broke out. On the 80th minute, Siso took the next break to the right, then found Delhi Ali, and he handed Eriksen, who with his left foot did not allow Handanovich – 1: 0 for the hosts!

D & # 39; Ambrosio tried to respond to instantly, but his right punch was killed by Loris. The home team returned to defend their leadership, and this brought them success, as the game ended with this result, although Handanovic would be ahead in extra time, after which Asamoah’s strike was blocked.

Tottenham – Inter ten

1-0 Ericsson 80

Tottenham: Loris, Ori, Vertungen, Olderwereld, Davis, Sisoko, Winx (86 Milky), Moore (63 sons), Ali, Lamela (70 Eriksensen)

Inter: Handanovich, D & # 39; Ambrosio, De Vray, Shkrinar, Asamoah, Vezino, Brozovich, Politano (82 Balde), Nangolan (44 Valero), Perizik,

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