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Drawn: Slavishi s trigva, Mri se vryscha

According to the principle of football, logic is logical, but it is nevertheless unavoidable, but anyway it is logical. Situations in Levski with two doom slednatat: Slavisha Stoyanovich himself direct this way, and he is well known for his deputy. Don't know what's new. The trainer on Levski is still Stanimir Stoilov. And this is the only reason to disagree on the logical task.

But we will do it sometime distantly. Slavish Stoyanovich se ozova in Levski, Levski protest is departed from Vaduz and veche nyamashe as Delio Rosi da Ostane on post si. The situation is out of control, and from B, to sector B, out of the bed of the sedalka and they try it more than that, and they stare at the teren. Pyk and on zapalyankovzite they were free from boredom and tang, but pk disciplined football on Delio Rosi.

Levski otnovo se nacre

Mri Stoilov is an option for Levski!

Slavisha Stoyanovich is an evil sober and trustworthy guide

Stanimir Stoilov, in Ozovo in Levski, Levski’s defense is behind the battles, of the seria from the parachute and the meeting isn’t just as Slavish Stoyanovich can protect the post. This is not the shape of the ultrasi and the saddles, but this is the shape of the tyahnata broika in the tribunite and namaliava tepvva.

And as a matter of fact, we speak for the choke, the coito is not the very best for the trainer, but for the club and now for its taste, for all, for Stanimir Stoilov. There are a lot of talk in the last year of Levski gi kani, che is not true to the right. Here you can feed, go to the right, see, put on a piece with a size on the basis of the old 70-year-old relationship, but flirting is not a helix. Batkov, Borimirov, Yovov, Ivo Tonev, Spas Rusev … whether Coil was not an expert.

For a moment, now more goals for Slavish Stojanovic’s success, moreover, from the soul of the Guerin, go to the next house with Dunav to work. That bechek, koito sent such a way, three mid-feet in Sofia and imagina on the side of the soul, and the same trap, the coitos made a visit to Botev Vratsa. The reason is clear – tung, boring, of course, and nezagoditel neraznoobrazny football at last. And, understand this, a series from the result of the loshy.

This is the secret of the kartite on Stoyanovic, than the mordane nyam. Sigurno didn’t sie give me a wit, but also nyakakv karok go. Surbin ima nyakakva nepronimosti kym greens tsvyat. Kato will turn off the Botev Vratsa bout in Montana, the speeches with two clean goals, the trace of Levski and the greens of Ecky Slavisa e three points – 1: 0 with Beroe. Eating from the results of Cinite Padnaha from the Black Sea. Zagubikh with 1: 2 from Ludogorets, and sega from greenery from Vratsa with 1: 3. And yes, not this izkhvyrlyame, amakoo not bie and in the last machin for godinata – pack Beroe cross, meditate you write – Stoyanovic e to duzpata.

Nie obeche izdrevarveme sbitiyit and se rely on the logic. Just e. Levski nyama need from a mentor, coitho fall away for kupat, more like a mate with a lot of leftists, trenorski sins, a trace of a tova not showing what imagination is like a black sea and this is a justification from tova, playing namala spirit and fr Yes, the tezi smiles listened to and from the other trenori on Levski, they wove themselves up and couldn’t hear it.

Spas Rusev rented for his appointment to Stanimir Stoilov in Levski

Spas Rusev for the appointment in Mri: Fake novina is mean!

"Placed on Slavish Stoyanovich not subject to discus"

Vsichko Tovovogo vidyakhme per week. Predi macha with Botev Vratsa near “Guerin” does not make peace on football. Potential 7 hilyadi choveka, koito tryabvashe da ca in tribunit, ginyamashe. Tezi 7 hilyadi choveka nyamashe da sa on "Guerin" week and at a symbolic price for a ticket from 1 lev. Early in prez of the season, Kogato Levski plays better and defeated, tezi 7 hilyadi bah in the tribunite and with single members, and with dual set tickets. And taka, and otherwise publishes C beshe destiatina hilyadi. Kakto se kazva – Slavishata gi dokara, Slavishata gi refusal. And sega in the campaign, ako from the Dunav intake pack, levche, published by more than 1,500 people. Kogato hem football is boring and he namya results, the tribune emptied. Just takawa e football club culture of Bulgarian.

Stoyanovich himself si obrna karutsata. The selection of this section extends into an offensive plan, but a catastrophe is defancive. Kogato Levski izgubi topkat, liniite sa ochayascho razalalecheni. It is tragic. Sinite is totally unscientific and cross selected. And all-time tactically literate, pre-scientific and podraden sparnik vizda tezi nesca and prospectively cross-country creep. And I cross Botev Vratsa karutsat of the camp total of shcheta. A training session on sinitis was carried out like this, since the three points of the shakash did not work in Levski, but the belly did not work. Change Mu poo everything for next day den näma and remove and now nastupi to light. The second is the attacker, the third is the attacker, and the misery, and the misery. Sin is a trace of a sin and a trace of a sin. Emblamatichi nascha bärka ebbing. The selection of a mu just a reserve is reserved, Pone Obertan yes Beshe placed nyakde, on the other flank or in the medium. Yes, yes, but try and show, what is the training of the variant, and at the beginning of the training. And those of you, reserve the attackers at all times, more than once from the beginning of the season.

Sega veche can be bleached, Che Slavish didn’t have time to direct the revolution, but try and direct the series from the miracles, get a chance for the second time to get it. But somehow the camp, the wonders of football put a lot in a row, in some cases, the logic. And on the base of the basin, the logic is drawn up, Che Stoyanovich, yes, and sysyag of luggage, and Stanimir Stoilov, all of him, for a trainer on Levski. In the case of the Koga, as, with exactly the circumstances and conditions. An appointment for a new director from Levski was Pavel Kolev, who tried to pretend to be a trenorskata rokada. The introduction of technical equipment, as well as the cost of rejecting the selection post in Kazakhstan and starting at any time for sports and technical rights to the “Guerin”, including the school, the scout system, is medically and equitably tsentr … We can both sign in the uniform – Stoilov at all, meaningly received a series of assurances, more nov rules and Levski and other things to develop a club and develop according to the rules.

In Kazakhstan, with an official position for Stanimir Stoilov and Levski

In Kazakhstan, with an official position for Mri Stoilov and Levski

Vizhte kakvo kischah from local federation

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