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“Dizelgate”? VW e sold double over diesel engines in Germany – Technology

Volkswagen is alive and busy with the mines, focus will increase and $ 50 billion in electric cars. The company has been developing an elevated electric car from the I.D. family, but this is far from being a sign, it is not ready yet to refuse the technology. Everything else.

More generally, the market almost doubled sales of cars on diesel cars in Germany, prez 2018. Tuk stavapros sales proves itself on private individuals, but the goods and business are from business. Kato's delivery to diesel engines has increased from 4% to 43%.

“Dieselian Debate in Germany is banned from the meeting with the emoticons,” commentary Jürgen Stackman, member of the board on the director of Volkswagen. “Imayk anticipate high visibility and representation, background disclosures on climate control, diesel engine is more important, the technology is important, especially for tezi koito patutvat for distance separation.”

The latest generation of dizelovo engines, developed from Volkswagen, is not very efficient, but it will separate up to 15% of low-carbon dioxide directly identical to the engine's gasoline volume. Volkswagen cars, diesel engines will separate up to 10 g / km in a small way from the right generation, measured by the NEDC cycle.

Volkswagen's annual prize sold 6,244,900 cars, growing from 0.2% right in 2017. Travelers in the class will concern Audi, Skoda and Seat about 1 812,500, 1,253,700 and 517,600 bros.

Press for delivery to the Volkswagen Group on a daily basis from 0.9% to a record of 10,834,000, but about 200,000 sales of kamions from MAN and Scania are in the inventory. Zatov Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance build up, what do you do when you sell cars, cars, plaisrayki pres 2018 10 756 875 from tyakh.

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