Sunday , January 17 2021

Dezislava Radeva uses his position to force an NGO to break the law? (VIDEO)

The upcoming scandal over the actions of NGO staff and the alleged involvement of the wife of President Desislava Radeva was frustrated by the social network Facebook. The situation is illustrated with a video, and the author’s request for a video is that Radev used himself for his private work – go put on a dress.

According to the author of the video, Bogdan Asenov, Nova Car Roberta entered the metropolitan boulevard "Fridzhif Nansen" in the opposite direction – from Vasil Levski Boulevard. With my own eyes, I saw how Mrs. Radev got out of the car and went to the locker room, Asenov promised Nova TV. According to him, Radeva repeatedly came to the studio in question: "Probably, she needed a dress for the trip."
In his personal Facebook profile, Radeva wrote that she was not in the car at all. Naturally, you are not in the car – you went down and went to the store, Asenov was upset, who promised to put his head “there” if this was not true. However, Radeva did not see his staff, but there is a woman security guard from the NSA, and this seems to be indirect evidence that the president’s wife is in fact lying. Assenov acknowledged, however, that he did not see the president go, suggesting that there might be a second entrance in the store. Assenov added that the head of the NPO had come, and, finally, the police and the guards folded their arms and left.

Otherwise, Radev wrote on Facebook the following: "Today, the video was shown in public space, showing quarrels between officials of NGOs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Next to him was my name again. Sure, I say that at this moment I have never been in this car.

Some mass media threw “Radeva’s armored car”, “Radeva Escort”, “the traffic police did not create an act of the president’s wife” …

Let it be clear – the car I use is not armored. An escort involves at least two cars, not one that is my business. And … this is very important to me, please tell me which act should be issued by the traffic police to a person who does not physically visit this place, has no authority, and has never driven an NSA.

The proposal is clear – arrogant, unsuspecting, and I believe how great I am a woman. Which indirectly discredits the head of state.

“The absence of a beep means that there is no life-threatening situation in the ambulance. When a person is a professional, he cannot …

At the beginning of my husband's term, I wrote that I agreed with the presence of NHS staff around me, because they convinced me that it was a necessity, not a luxury. Now, after more than a year and a half, I am sure that it is so.

I don’t think what it would be like if I really drove my own car … Once with the sergeant’s car I twice shed in the chronicles twice, like an evil hero … ”

NGOs issued a formal statement on the case, stating that they check. "If during the investigation unlawful actions of NGO employees are detected, all measures stipulated in the law will be applied against them, and the laws must be respected by all." Employees of NGOs are no exception, "promised by the NBS.

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