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Cold Bulgaria tough, turbulent wind, yellow code in 23 districts

Today, the temperature in the country begins to fall rapidly as the arctic air masses arrive. In Northern Bulgaria, the maximum daily values ​​will be between minus 5 ° and minus 2 °. In the southern part of the country, maximum temperatures in the morning will be positive, up to 4 °, predicted by the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology.

It will blow moderately, in eastern Bulgaria with strong wind from the northeast, and with it cooling will continue. On Saturday, the minimum temperatures in the country will be between minus 15 ° and minus 10 °.

Yellow code due to cold was announced today in 23 districts. And in Dobrich, Varna, Burgas, Yambol, Sliven, Haskovo, Kardzhali and Smolyan there is also a warning about a stormy wind.

Before noon it will still be mostly snowing in southern Bulgaria, but precipitation is in the process of easing and stopping. In the afternoon, over Western Bulgaria, the cloud will even break and fall temporarily.

The Black Sea coast will remain windy with a strong gale from the northeast. Afternoon and rainfall in the southern regions will stop. The temperature will continue to decrease, and the maximum will be from minus 1 to 2 °, only in the southernmost areas to 5 °. The temperature of sea water is 10-13 °. The excitement at sea will be 4-5 bales.

In the mornings, there will still be snow in the mountains, but in most places it will stop until noon. In the afternoon, over the masses of Western Bulgaria, the cloud will temporarily break and fall. Snowfall in the region of Rila-Rhodope and Strandja and Sakar will stop no later. It will blow from moderate to strong northeast wind. Cooling will continue, and the maximum temperature at 1200 m will be about minus 4 °, 2000 meters – about minus 8 °.

On this night, the snow blocks the main road Sofia-Varna, stopping on trucks and buses. The whole section between Sevlievo and Veliko Tarnovo was icy.

Most of the snow last night fell in the Montana area. Snow cover reached 27 cm.

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