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Berbatov 38 – Ode to a unique touch

For almost 15 years, Dimitar Berbatov has hit European football with his beautiful games and the ease with which he played on the terrain in Germany, England and France.

Many do not underestimate him in his home country, although he is the top scorer in the history of the national team (48 hits). However, more importantly, Berbatov won the respect of coaches in each team in which he played. He did this with talent, sporting zeal, and imagination, which led some English commentators to use the words barbarian and barbaric.


On January 30, the former Pirin, CSKA, Bayer (Leverkusen), Tottenham, Manchester United, Fulham, Monaco, PAOK and Kerala turned 38 years old.

He will celebrate in Turkey with Beroe, where his coaches are his best friends – Alexander Tomash, Todor Kyuchukov and Konstantin Mirchev.

If today you ask Manchester United fans about Berbatov, two of the three will tell you that since Eric Canton, the team has not worn the player with the best ball and fantasy player.

It was because of his hat-trick against the blood enemy of Liverpool in 2010 that Berbatov won eternal respect for everyone at Manchester United. This was the first such achievement since 1946 and is unlikely to happen again.

And it remains the last hat-trick on Liverpool in the Premier League.

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And five goals against Blackburn in the match? In the Premier League, few have achieved this – Andy Cole, Alan Shearer, Jermain Defoe and Sergio Aguero. There are five of them, and the Bulgarian is one of them. “Not so bad,” as Berbatov would say. This is not bad at all.

His move to West Ham in 2008, then to the gate of Cristiano Ronaldo, remains the most beautiful assistant in the history of the Premier League. To this day, the mockery of James Collins revolves around the English media as an example of beauty in football. And how Collins turned himself, not believing and not understanding how and what happened.

And goals with his scissors, which remained the trademark?

We watched them not only in United, but also in Leverkusen, Tottenham and Monaco. It is difficult to imagine an attacker who so easily controls the ball and turns it into a slave. However, his strike against Roma with the Leverkusen team remains his most beautiful career.

In addition, Dimitar became the Premier League scorer in the 2010/11 season with 20 goals and shared the prize with Carlos Tevez, helping to win the 19th title for the Reds.

At the present time it is inconceivable to imagine that the Bulgarian will again become the best scorer of the coolest and most popular championship in the world. The one who understands how great this achievement is.

The power of Beatov was never on the run, and he was subjected to great criticism, mainly from fans. But the great Johan Cruyff said that football is not a running game, but thinking. And in the second Bulgarian was devilishly good on the field.

It was not just a romantic Berbatov football. He also generated terrible statistics:

– 176 championship goals of the five best European championships (Germany, England and France).

– A total of 329 hits in his career for CSKA, Leverkusen, Tottenham, Manchester United, Fulham, Monaco, PAOK, Kerala and Bulgaria.

– Two titles of England, two-time winner of the League Cup, two finals in the Champions League, seven-time "Footballer of the Year" (record) …

– Five hat tricks in the Premier League.

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At the end of 2018, the former ninth from Bulgaria presented her autobiography “In my Way” and caused a sensation wherever it was. In the large Bulgarian cities, hundreds of tails thundered to buy readings and meet with the team's top scorer. Nothing is exaggerated – real romantics appreciate his career.

It was with Berbatov, Martin Petrov and Stylian Petrov that the Bulgarian national team last went to the big forum – the 2004 European Championship. This happened after five goals of Berbo in qualifying.

Let us recall some performances of great football people for Bebatov:

“This season we are lucky that we have a brilliant player,” Sir Alex Ferguson.

“Of all the strikers in the Premier League, including Fernando Torres and Didier Drogba, Berbatov has the best technique,” ​​said Jamie Rednap, a television analyst.

"In the beginning, he reminded me of Johan Cruyff, who plays a combination game, which had the right punch, he was strong in the air, great step, but he was moving." Finished Martin Jol.


Photo: Getty Images / Guliver Photo

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