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Banova scandal: Angel and Ivo scheme – information, requests and money from the EU funds

The head of the Ministry of Education was also threatened, but he complained to the police

In just one year, Kostova’s firm, transferred to Angelov, received 153,000 leva. Income from consulting services

A couple buys solid communal properties in the center of Sofia and the rich Danube village of Vetren

The male couple, attacked by the Minister of Culture Boil Banov, is at the bottom of the scheme for absorbing European funds, taking in and out. One of the partners, Angel Angelov, participates in the Operational Program and provides information and records of conversations with key figures. The second – Ivo Kostov, plays with this information on the business side, mainly with consulting companies. And this provides additional control over the Union of Economic Initiatives.

This business organization



Mollov, then

headed by

Alexey Petrov

and is a member of the Operational Program Monitoring Committees.

The scheme worked in the Ministry of Culture (MS). There, Angelov recorded his conversations with his colleagues, Minister Vezhdi Rashidov and his then deputy Boil Banov.

“For four years I was blacklisted so as not to punish companies, because they were Angel Angelov, and he had records with me,” Banov said in an interview with “24 hours.” This was done on Wednesday after a member of the BSE Elena Yoncheva announced the recording, as she called, of the novel Alo, Banovo.

MB began in 2009, when then Minister Vejdi Rashidov appointed Angelova as EU project manager and was suspended in April 2016, when Angelov was dismissed. However, since the fall of 2016, it continues under the operational program of the Emergencies Ministry "Science and Education for Smart Growth", where Angels go to work. In December, the head of the agency managing the program, Kirill Heratliyev, doubted. At a meeting of the monitoring committee, in which Ivo Kostov participated as a representative of SSE, he began to receive information about beneficiary companies, which is confidential, and only Angelov knows her, Heratriliev reported within 24 hours.

His reaction was to start removing his employee from project management. Threats and extortion followed. “He told me that he would break the program and me,” Heratliyev explained. When this did not help, the head of the operational program found his car with a tire. A few days later the four tires of the car were cut off. Because of Angelov’s threats, Heratliev filed a complaint with the police on January 19, and was called in for questioning yesterday afternoon.

It is possible that the scheme also worked in the NRA and the social assistance agency, where Angelov was also an expert in managing EU funds.

It is difficult to say how much money Angela Angelov and Ivo Kostov managed to get with the help of “consultations” with EU projects and project information marketing. However, in 2016 only one of Kostov’s companies, “Harry with Consultant 8”, earned 153,000 leva in consulting.

This company has an interesting story. It was founded by Angelov in 2002, when he


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In 2009, he was transferred to Ivo Kostov, because Angels again began working for the state.

Relations, however, a few years ago. Angels and Kostov have been together since at least 2004. They own an apartment of 47 square meters on 38th Tundzha Street, next to five kiosks in the city center.

Two partners in the field of housing and business continue to buy property. In 2005, they also bought a studio on two levels of 100 square meters on 12 Vezhen Street in the elite capital of Lozenets. Next comes the purchase of an apartment of 84 square meters on Danube Street 11 – again in the center of the capital, not far from Dondukov Boulevard. This transaction dates back to 2007.

The last purchase of the elite property of the spouses – since 2012. Angels and Kostov acquire an apartment of 95 square meters. M on the Boulevard "Patriarch Evtimiy" 20, which is also a central heating station in the capital.

In 2010, Angels and Kostov also purchased a rural house in the village of Vetren, Silistra. The property has an area of ​​1190 square meters and has a residential building. Here, however, the couple buys only 9/10 of the property, and the last tenth for Ivelina Sergeeva. Lady is also engaged in consulting services and is the owner of Integrated Solutions.

Windshire selection is probably not accidental. In the village on the banks of the Danube there are almost all the major grain producers in the region. Ivo Kostov was born in Silistra. In addition to the partnership with Angel Angelov, there is another owner of a rice production company and a number of medical companies. He was an anesthesiologist, he was also the head of the city hospital.

Ivo Kostova’s consulting business on EU projects began in 2000, this can be seen from his presentation in the Diary, published in 2007. At the beginning of a new century, the doctor decided to break with medicine and moved to Sofia, where he headed the Directorate of projects of the Ministry of Economy. According to his colleagues at the time, he was expelled a year later. However, according to the narration in the “Diary”, he decided to stop fighting the “windmills of the little clerk” and devoted himself to private business. His first consultative project was a campaign for municipalities for drip irrigation.

"24 hours" tried to contact Angelov on Wednesday, but his phone did not answer. It turned out that even his direct colleagues in the Ministry of Emergency Situations currently do not have his phone number.

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