Friday , March 5 2021

Alena’s horoscope: Gemini should not brag, tension with relatives because of the Crabs


Beware of behavioral mistakes that can turn into serious problems on weekends just because you act thoughtlessly or are emotionally impulsive. Don’t get involved in a conflict that doesn’t concern you. Be careful in your actions so as not to provoke someone’s negative attitude. If you have your own business, do not criticize subordinates. In the evening, refuse to visit friends if they live in an unfamiliar area on an unlit and dug street, so as not to crash your car in a hole. Stay at home with your loved ones. Cook dinner and enjoy your sexual pleasure.


On the morning of the weekend, you are aggressive and aggressive for no reason, but you can use moderation instead of criticizing and insulting your loved ones and not realizing their distance, which you will soon regret. At work, postpone conversations to avoid conflicts due to nervousness. The beginning will not bring success. In the afternoon, you can fall in love and give up professional duties. I do not advise doing this. Avoid dating. If you are married, don’t be fooled. If they find you are temporarily rejected from the marriage bed, forget about sexual pleasure.


You should be at work late this weekend, but in your favor. Don’t complain that you are tired. Don’t brag about your accomplishments. You can conduct business conversations, but not make final decisions without first reviewing the proposals again. Go home in the evening and have a well deserved rest. In the evening, your loved ones or your intimate partner will surprise you with a romantic atmosphere and pleasant communication. Sexual pleasure will help you get rid of the bad mood that reigns over you all day.


The tension with relatives this weekend hurts and distracts. Because of the difficulties at work, you avoid conversations and pleasant conversations, even with colleagues. Put them aside. Stay home after work and go to bed early if you feel stressed or tired. Work calmly, with confidence in your strengths and abilities. In the evening, treat yourself to a well-deserved rest in the company of your loved ones. Share the joyful events of the day and enjoy romantic moments and sexual pleasures.

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Your personal and professional problems over the weekend don’t deserve the attention you give them. Instead of living and worrying, just compromise. The initiatives are successful. In the workplace, you impress with your activities that help you cope with tasks. Don’t take it on a business trip. If relatives visit you, be generous in measure. Don’t be afraid to show your feelings to your loved ones. Only if you are sincere can you experience unforgettable romantic moments.


Today in the workplace you are active and confident, although today is a day off, but you can hurt yourself out of haste and desire to shine. Regardless, do not start a new beginning, but complete the tasks you have begun. Don’t make reckless changes. You personally need to change your behavior. My advice is to stay away all day and not listen to the gossip and intrigue your neighbors are spreading. They definitely want to turn you against your intimate partner and ruin your sex life.


Difficulty at work on weekends will keep you safe from mistakes as well as from risky endeavors. Don’t act impulsively. You have to make quick, but smart, final business decisions because it is harmful to put them off. Calmness is essential if you want to have a successful conversation and push yourself. Correct your behavior towards loved ones. New acquaintances will disappoint you. Don’t rely on luck when looking for a partner. Satisfying sex is not a guarantee of feelings.


Weekend conflicts caused by family misunderstandings will block your desire to work. At the same time, you strive for recognition at all costs. Good day for those of you in the intellectual field and in scientific research. Complete the work you started in the morning. Dating on a personal level will grow into a serious relationship. The family members of the sign must not cheat. Single people have a chance to find their soul mate, but I don’t advise you to rush to bed. Hasty sex can hurt you.


Obstacles are surmountable if you don’t show aggression on the weekend. Your refusal to accept the proposals of colleagues will lead to financial losses. Do not be stubborn and agreeable, but do not give in to pressure from loved ones to make repairs in their home to avoid problems and injuries. Try not to create tension in the family just because of a bad mood, because of unfulfilled hopes. Your sexual relationship is frozen, so if you don’t melt it, don’t expect sexual pleasure.


It’s up to you how to avoid the problems that you might cause yourself by not being able to decide how to plan your time this weekend. If you are active during the day, entertain yourself in the evening. Prepare hiring contracts and financial documents that you want to submit to your partners for signing. Do not cheat just to get revenge, so you will save yourself from problems in your personal life. You are unhappy with your sexual relationship, but the blame clearly lies with your behavior and attempts to find emotions outside the family.


Make sure to mend your relationships with other people, both personal and business. You will provide peace of mind and support in the future, especially in the workplace, which will make you happy because you have new projects and need help. On weekend mornings, try to ignore colleagues who are trying to belittle your work. On this day, once again, because of which you lose your partner’s trust, do not let your professional aspirations harm your love life. Your sexual relationship has cooled. Take steps to avoid suffering.


You may need to clarify your relationships, especially business ones, but you won’t like conversations. It is clear that your mood will be secondary, but you should not delay with this matter. Finish long-delayed work by noon on the weekend and you will clear the path to success by taking on new tasks, but carefully and carefully. Don’t promise loans to strangers or relatives just to shine. You will definitely lose your money. In the evening, expect quarrels in the family. You have alienated your spouse with your stubbornness. Come home with flowers and a gift, dear men, so as not to deprive yourself of sexual pleasures.

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