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13-year-old Konstantin Gerginov from the main role in the Bulgarian Bulgarian Film Film

Momcheto e participated in over 10-in alien filmy, dori and turk version on “Playing on the thrones”

Malkiat Marty getting into the laborer at Dyad Koleda and live and save Koledat, Kato I modernize. Tov's most part from the plot to the Bulgarian Bulgarian Collegia film “Smart Coleda”, in the cojto of the main role of the 13-year-old Konstantin Gerginov and his partner with Krstiu Lafazanov and Kalin Vrachanski. Tova Obače ne e podvat mu rolya. Predi Tam Imava destets role vv Film and advertising.

“Mamooohhhh, comrade e many yako!”, Kazva Konstantin Gerginov in South Africa removed the den in the abdomen. Togawa e for 6 years and receiving admission to the group “Akaga” and participating in the clip “Te mnemat vin”.

“Kato Beshe Mal'k, decency on an angel and many of them were offered to shoot in advertising. From him, Kato talked with the scam of the scam and goitame all right: “Iskash?”, And that wynagi discouraged “Not”. And go left. We haven't finished any offers, but we are going to the casting, drinking it, but to say “no shooting” but with a disagreement “yes”. Togawa bashu mu explain, che we can’t and yes, but we’ll go to the cat, and let us go. But that Cossa: "The name of the problem." And Taka Tregna ”, razkazva Maykata on 13-year-old actor Verhiniya Gerginova.

“If I don’t remember the defense exactly behind the clip, I’m shown Kaz Yes – Kazwa Timi, who will come close to me. “It’s just that I grumbled badly at the moment.” The next thing was, and now it’s in advertisements.

“Broiler gi before about 50 and after spraying”, specifying the maikat. Bashu mu – Tihomir Gerginov, who is busy with advertising, and T-shirt mu – from finance control. Nama brother and sister, but this is Kotka. I showed the artistry of the children and I showed how someone from a family or a guest or a family gathered it all together. Kato svsem malk

Konstantin obichal yes

further developing the script on

animated filmchet

Dokatoi gleda, the suffix of a replica on a heroite and dori to them kazv: “Not such”, which had been caused to them by Hares.

Her talent from t-shirt si koyato kato child was occupied with theater and cinema. “On the backside, it’s interesting to take pictures of him,” explained Verginia Gerginova.

Parviyat is removed den beat nasiten with a lot of emotsii. Verginiya Kato's t-shirt beat out the oppressively opposed, given a detento nyama and se plyas from the setting, gave nyama and mu e studeno, or yes from a huge ventilator into a haleto, and take pictures. On the contrary. Happily dotagawa priests.

Parvo mu nai-bright spears on the role of sake for the goalkeeper of the turk products – fentesi series on the similar to “Playing on a thronome” – “Razdachi”, in coito Konstantin a game of sin on the leader. There we have 3 episodes for 90 minutes, the next is a short picture of a spirat. Debut on goals scored from a role in the Bulgarian film “Slave on the corpse”, and then in Bulgarian “TI a” and “XII a”.

“Nyamma is loved by role, engage si haresvam. Every smf has invested everything from himself ”, kazwa momcheto.

It is due to the discovery of a product on Krum in the series “Heavenly Succession” – a 9-year event, which is painful from multiple sclerosis.

“For rolls on Krum bah much oppressed. Kogato razbrah, Che interpretation of diagnosis, directed to the school, do not know the bucket of the bolus. And kato otidokhme on the shooting area and fronts, in the beginning of the etapi, a lot of calm. Otherwise, Krum is good, but he is small and all the time ”, explained Konstantin. Dokato shot the series, beat interestingly for him. A lot from the stage with Orlin Pavlov (in the role of Bobi). From him, everyone loves the serial, and Pavlov kato batchi teach Timi for many times.

“Teach me with arrows from the cannon, from the cannon, from the prashka … Prez Pazi says more closely to each other, why the feelings of kato are golyama brother,” explained Konstantin.

Sega Taye Sedmoklasnik in Parvo Secondary School “Pencho Slaveykov” with Bulgarian, Spanish and English Ezik. Alien the role of sa preliminarily with the English language, ima and advertising in Macedonian for the goalkeeper chain store keeper. In alien products

ima rolya vvv frenskiya

Series Zero,

play a robber

“There are imashe shooters, explosions, much more funny for me,” said Konstantin Gerginov. Osventova se shot her in “The Angel of Notre Dame” and “Timi”, and for Coitus director Lyubomir Yonchev traded for the title of Constantine.

Timi See was shooting more in the serials “Stolichani in More”, “Families” and others. In the Aktorianto, this portfolio is alien to the early roles in the Supercolaider and the Vikings documentary. Osventova se shot her in 3 music videos for Great Britain. And from 30 November we can also see in Bulgarian the Bulgarian team the film “Smart Coleda”. Tosi film is a lot special. With Maria Veselinova (I cut the tape on the tape – white. auth) a lot of soo worked for him. And comrade moyat priva glavna rolea, razkazva Konstantin. Tosi film is special for Timi and for one more reason – according to the time it takes to take pictures of the life-seeking nai-love, this siege is born.

“Team in many direct hubava iznenad. Birth mi den beshe last to be shot den and trace snaps to imashe coupon, from coito not claims yes si trigvam ”, remembering si Gerginov, coito

I never suspected

better than nyakoga koleda

and was born den naku

Back cadres remained and a lot of fun, kato basins, and between shoot the scenes. Kresty Lafazanov told you about it in a couple of hours and after that it was difficult to beat them and all of them concentrate in izvravaneto to dramatically momenti.

“Nyam yes, taking and amusing and removing the coleden film at 30-35 degrees. Az in namazah, in reality, the blouse and the suicide itself are one and the other, with skin, and four layers of the mud, ”see more often. Kato spomen from filmy Timi si pazi suicjra and one from props books, on koyato all the colegi wrote on their wishes. Viv Filma Konstantin si partner with Krystyu Lafazanov and Kalin Vrachanski.

Roll si in

kinto se preparing himself

Glade and dosta filmi. Favorite mu e “Animal Miracles”. From 6 years of age, attending theatrical school “Studiyata”, playing in the theater “Salt and the Laughs”. There is participating in “Princess Mirabella” by Bratya Grim. Osven Tov imam roles in “Magiosnik of Oz” and “Glupatsi”.

“The Sega to the Soils and the Uniform Representation of the Creativity of Shakespeare”, Kazv Gerginov.

In free time between homework, pictures and school hours Timi Namira time and for doing something.

“As a matter of fact, momchet obicham yes playing the game, but not itself itself before the computer. Ochim yes izlizam with friends, yes si karam longbord and yes going on razhodki with parents si – yes hapvame chocolate and torti ”, razkazva momcheto.

Prez 2019 Se ochakva yes we see on the goals of the screen more than two films with some participation. The unity from tyakh is “Pasteur”, the game of the youth Yoan Rilski and si partner with Russia Chaniov, and the director and screenwriter on the golemia Ivan Andonov – Miglena and Nevena Andonovi.

In the meantime, a golamoto aktorsko portfolio both Timie dream and become a director, to no avail.

“Tova is not a sign, more neglected aktorskata work. In rezhiysvorstovo mi haresva tova, che vizhdash tsyalata picture, and not from the point itself on the hero ”, explaining Timi.

Honorarite from aktorskata mu work otivat for family life. Gerginovi obichat patvatu, zatov tazi godina prekararali nyakolko days in Prague, after obikolka from Sicily, and sega planirat yes will leave to Portugal and Malta.

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