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Toffoli overturns decision requiring confidential reporting of 600,000 taxpayers | politics

Supreme Court President Diaz Tofoli decided on Monday night to reverse his decision in late October, according to which the financial intelligence unit (formerly Coaf) had reported financial intelligence over the past three years for 600,000 individuals and legal entities.

Tofoli has already gained access to reports from the FIU, but said that the information provided by the agency later is satisfactory.

“Based on the satisfactory information provided by the FIU, in response to the request of this Court on 11/15/199 I make the decision ineffective on 10/25/19 a copy of the financial intelligence reports (RIF) issued in the last 3 (three) years," the minister wrote in the decision.

According to him, STP does not have access to any confidential information. “I emphasize that this Court did not complete the necessary registration and never accessed intelligence reports,” he added.

On October 25, Tofoli requested information to subsidize a lawsuit scheduled for Wednesday to share intelligence.

The Supreme Court must decide whether the action can be general (with partial information) or detailed (full information).

Some agencies claim that sharing access to genetic resources undermines investigations. Lawyers argue that detailed disclosure of information is a violation of confidentiality, which can only happen with the permission of the court.

Toffoli's access to data is controversial. The prosecutor general of the republic, Augusto Aras, asked to cancel the order.

Rejecting the request last week, Tofoli stated that the Supreme Court did not have access to data, and asked the Central Bank (to which the FIU is subordinate) and the prosecutor to send additional information by 18:00 on Monday (18). ,

Full information about the FIU is not public. The prosecutor Augusto Aras announced the response of the MP and said that over the past three years the MPF has received 972 messages, but he never orders material from the special services that send it spontaneously, but only asks for additional information or clarification.

Aras also stated that the communications received did not include full financial statements and rejected the possibility of “meaninglessness” in taxpayer transfers.

In July, Diaz Tofoli suspended an investigation in which, without court authorization, the confidential data of agencies such as the IRS and Coaf were used. At that time, he responded to a defense request by Senator Flavio Bolsonaro (PSL-RJ), the son of President Jair Bolsonaro.

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