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This software fixes almost any error on your iPhone system.

In most cases, iPhones work very well, and problems such as crashes or “death screens” are less common. But they can happen, it's true, and when something like this happens, despair immediately. After all, any repair on Apple devices does not come out very cheap. But the good news is that you can fix many software errors that occur – and dr.fone – Repair (iOS System Recovery) is an excellent software for this.

The program is one of several Wondershare for iOS solutions (also, of course, for iPad), with – Repair specifically for fixing software damage on your Apple device. In addition to repairing the system, the software also has additional functions, such as extracting iPhone data, transferring data between your iPhone and your computer, and copying data from iPhone to iPad (or another iPhone). ), backup data, such as contacts and photos, and you can also use the software to remove the lock screen from your iPhone or permanently delete data from your device, leaving it as new.

Tools menu, which offers repair dr.fone

First you need to go to the dr.fone Repair website and download the macOS-compatible file (as well as the version of the Windows-compatible program). You can test the tool for free (and already guarantee urgent repairs), and then buy a license for 1 year or forever – in this case, you choose which plan best suits your needs, with options compatible with 5 devices, 1 computer, from 6 up to 10 devices and 1 computer, an unlimited number of devices and 1 computer, or configure the required number of devices and computers.

How to fix the "black screen of death"

The Wondershare website has a tutorial on how to fix the black screen of an iPhone, but we will teach you Portuguese step by step here. It is important to note that dr.Phone Repair fixes the problem without losing data, that is, it is actually a fix, not a formatting of your device.

The iPhone's black screen is desperate because there is no indication of what caused the problem, making it difficult to find a quick fix. This "deadly" screen can occur as a result of hardware and software problems that interfere with the operation of the device. So, first you need to find out if the hardware is damaged or only iOS.

If a black screen appeared shortly after you dropped the device on the floor, or if it was immersed in a large amount of water (for example, got into the toilet), there is a high probability of problems associated with the same equipment. In this case, it is possible that the display or other physical component is damaged – and then only the service will save you.

But if none of this has happened, the defect is most likely related to the software, so Repair will take over the repair. Malicious programs, damaged updates, or unstable firmware may be the cause of the problem, and a black screen may also be displayed if an application crashes during use. And, if you just restart the device (by pressing the “Power” button along with “Home” for a few seconds on the iPhone 6s, or by pressing the “Power” button along with the “Volume Down” button on iPhone 7 and later), do nothing following steps after installing dr.Phone Repair on your computer and open the program.

Dr.fone Repair home screen, which solves problems such as "white screen of death" or "black screen of death"
  1. Before clicking Start, connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer with a Lightning / USB cable and wait for the program to recognize the device;
  2. Now it's time to put the device into DFU mode, which is ideal for deep recovery software. To do this, simply follow the instructions that appear on the recovery screen, since the process will be different for iPhone up to 6s and after iPhone 7;
  3. The next step is to provide basic information about your device, such as the model, the installed version of iOS, etc. After the next screen to download the updated firmware (for this, click "Download");
  4. After the download is complete, Repair will automatically start repairing your iPhone software, and all you need to do is wait for the process to finish;
  5. At the end, you need to restart the device in normal mode, and you will see a message from dr.Phone Repair, which says that now you can finally disconnect the device from the computer or repeat the process if you see the need for a new repair.
The final screen of the iOS repair process using Repair

To avoid the appearance of a “black screen of death”, you should always monitor the battery status (feature in iOS 12 in “Battery Settings”). If iOS reports that the battery is faulty, it is recommended to replace the component. Also, avoid jailbreaking on your iOS by installing only Apple-approved apps available on the App Store. It is also recommended to keep the security solution on your device, leaving it protected from malware and other malicious files.

It is worth noting that Repair not only fixes the “black screen of death”, but also the “white screen of death” when the device “freezes” in iTunes recovery mode, and others. Type associated with the software.

Troubleshoot reboot and unexpected reboot problems

This iPhone crash occurs when the device reboots by itself or when it crashes when using various applications. And Wondershare also has a cool guide on how to solve the problem with the fall of the iPhone, but we also explain here.

It is true that these lock and reload problems are not very common on Apple devices, but it is also not impossible to do. In most cases, the source of the problem is a simple software failure that can be fixed with a quick recovery. In the video below, you can see how easy and fast it is to use software to slam iOS without effort:

And in addition to this solution, you can also try the following tips:

  1. Just try restarting your iPhone. With a forced reboot, all operations that run in the background will be terminated and the system will start from scratch;
  2. Cleaning in storage. Failures can occur due to insufficient disk space or insufficient memory. By removing unnecessary applications and especially deleting the contents of the camera roll (before backing up, of course, to iCloud or to a computer), you give the device a “breather” to continue running the necessary applications with ease. And, to clear the Safari cache, simply go to Settings, click Safari and select the option to clear the history and data of visited sites;
  3. Make sure your iOS is updated by running the latest version released by Apple. In the “Settings” section, simply open the “General” tab and select “Software Update”. If there is a current version to install, time is now and time is now!
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