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The last of us 2 – Composer says the game will be released soon!

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by Lucas rafaelLast of us one of the most famous games of the past generation, winning the legion games intense stay in the post-apocalyptic world of desolation. Players can hardly expect a franchise to return to Last of us 2which has already shown the trailer. Despite the silence telling about the development of the title, the author of the songs from the soundtrack confirmed that the launch is already close. The next guy who finds out later this year.

The developer Naughty Dog has already released Last of Us 2 gameplay in the past, further inciting players. The game should go through a few years after the original game, focusing on the character Ellie instead Joel,

Now user Reddit published a video that follows a musician's concert Gustavo SantaolallaResponsible for the audio track Last of us 2After the performance, the actor declared on the stage thatThe last of us, part 2, is coming soon."

Speech Santaolalla was given after the execution of samples of the soundtrack, which he conceived for the game Naughty dogAlthough the speech of the composer is encouraging, the communique on Naughty dogthat is, nothing official.

So, how's the hype? Will it also be a modern classic in the Sony catalog? Tell us in the comments!

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