Thursday , January 28 2021

Technician arrested after beating a judge during a football match

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Um sub-12 championship in football in Vitoria became a volunteer in the police case (17). The judge, 31-year-old Jefferson Nunes Vieira, was beaten by a coach, who was unhappy that he was not booked for a foul and charged another. The suspect was assessed for serious injuries and transferred to the Viana screening center.

“He came in the middle of the field when the children attacked me verbally, and then with blows and blows. I had swelling in my leg and a dislocation also in my leg, thighs, and face. This is the first time that this happens to me, I’m upset about what happened, I never thought about it, ”said Jefferson.

Jefferson was on Sunday afternoon (18) at the Vitoria Legal Medical Department (DML) to take part in the crime. The State Department of Justice (Sejus) reported that the trainer held a hearing in custody and is in custody at the Viana screening center.

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