Wednesday , January 20 2021

Saudi Arabia produces honey from Brazil

Sao Paulo, 20 years old. The Saudi authorities have just approved a model of an international sanitary certificate (CSI) for Brazilian exports of bee products (honey, propolis, wax). In this regard, the Ministry of Agriculture received a letter yesterday.

The agribusiness international secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Odilsson Ribeiro and Silva, said in a note that the next step is for the Department to inspect animal products (Dipoa) from a list of Brazilian institutions wishing to export apricot products to Saudi Arabia in accordance with the requirements of an agreed certificate.

Last year, world beekeeping imports amounted to 1.92 billion dollars. USA, which no longer takes into account the internal trade of the European Union (US $ 576.58 million). When exporting in the same year 128.10 million. US Brazil has reached 6.7% in this segment of the global market. Already in 2017, Saudi Arabia imported $ 66.44 million. US of these products. With the opening of this market, it is estimated that 4.43 million dollars will be exported. USA.

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