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Para de Minas awaits the arrival of mud leaked into Brumadinho | National News

Flowing ore tails descend along Rio Paraopeba. But the speed of this movement has decreased. The inhabitants of Para de Minas are watchful.

Fingers indicate that it is hard to believe in the eyes. “Our mother, the train there is only sadness. It was all over there, ”complains farmer Juan Marcos Soares da Silva.

About 100,000 people are on the way to the tailing dump. On Monday, Vale announced that he would install a membrane to hold the sediment until the moment when water was collected to supply the city of Para de Minas, about 40 kilometers from Brumadinho.

Technicians were late afternoon on Tuesday (29) at the scene, but equipment should arrive only on Wednesday (30). “We worry all the time, because the river is very close to us. It's very sad, it's really sad, "says one resident.

A bulletin issued by the Brazilian Geological Survey at the end of the day states that mud moves slower. The forecast for the arrival of tailings in Para de Minas was transmitted from Tuesday evening to Wednesday.

In the city, technicians monitor the amount of solids every 15 minutes. “On the basis of the monitoring carried out, as soon as we determine the approach to this place, we will stop the delivery in a preventive manner,” said Thiago Contage, the head of the concessionaire Águas de Pará de Minas.

Paraopeba is one of the most important sources of supply in Para de Minas, and one of the emergency measures taken by the company responsible for this supply is the reactivation of six artesian wells in urban areas. Together, they are able to deliver up to 30 liters of water per second, which will help minimize the impact on the population. Tests have already confirmed that water is good for consumption.

It is expected that the mud will go along the Paraopeba River until it reaches the Retiro Baixu hydroelectric station in Pompeu. The new bulletin notes that there is no longer any way to predict when dirt will reach the tank. As a precaution, the turbines were stopped and should be restarted only after the tails no longer pose a threat.

The main goal is to prevent the ingress of dirt at the Três Marias plant and the pollution of the San Francisco river basin.

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