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Net, Rodrigo and Winy are on the ninth field

Net, Rodrigo Favenello and Vini Vieira are on the ninth field of The Farm 2019. The trio was put to the vote, which took place on today's live show, but one of them will have a chance to become a farmer in tomorrow's race and get out of focus, in addition that is immune to the next reality show vote.

Viny was appointed farmer of the week by Diego Grossi, while Rodrigo Favanello received the most votes in the three-mentioned house. To complete the formation of the garden, Net was summoned from Theis stall due to the power of the green flame.

Flame power

Theis, the owner of the lantern of the week, decided to keep the green flame and passed the red flame to Lucas Viana.

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The owner of the green flame, Thais received a prize of 20 thousand reais, in addition to the fact that Lucas received 10 thousand reais and nominated Net as the third roceiro. Already the red flame gave its owner the right to annul two voices, and Vini chose Luas, who decided to annul the voices of Sabrina and Vigny Vieira.

See how the vote went

Farmer of the week Diego Grossi Voted for Viny Vieira

Hari Almeida voted for Rodrigo Favanello

Lucas Viana voted for Rodrigo Favanello

net voted for Lucas

Rodrigo Phavanello voted for teis

Sabrina Paiva voted for Teis Teixeira

thayse Teixeira voted for Rodrigo Favanello

Blame it scallop voted for Theise Tequeira

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