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Meia stands out at the end of the season and turns the Corinthians into 2019

Midfielder Fessin arrived in Corinthians a few months after Matha Mathias, then Brazil's top scorer of the season and betting on alvinegro to replace Jo, both from ABC-RN. Less talented than his teammate, having spent most of his season on the Under-20 team, the point guard has been gaining momentum in recent weeks and ending the season with more morality than with a friend.

Training with a professional since last month, left winger has been listed for the last seven matches. Although he did not participate in any of them, he managed to establish himself among the professionals and continued from the spot in juniors. It was his, for example, the goal of defeating Palmeiras in the first final of Paulista U-20.

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Matthias, on the other hand, was unable to take advantage of the odds he had and disappointed Jaar Ventura when, in losing to the loser, he had to be replaced in between in both cases. For example, in the seven games in which Fesin was tied up, the forward was not among the favorites, even to compile a reserve bank.

In terms of the relationship, Thessin is also seen as a more extrovert personality than Matthias. Since he came, he was helped by athletes-athletes, he created connections with some of the bassists of the team. Carlos Augusto and Raphael Bilu, also in the profession, are two who have good relationships with left-handers.

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Increasingly involved in training last Tuesday, Fessin still showed the most activity and woke up the laughter of his teammates, trying to hide goalkeeper Walter in the finishing work. “If you try it again, I’ll give you a pair of scissors,” said the archer with a strong focus on the interior of São Paulo, causing the rest of the actor to laugh.

The midfielder did not doubt the midfielder’s intentions, but he could not control the ball.

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