Thursday , January 28 2021

Last season The Walking Dead game will end Skybound

In a few months without news about the future of the fourth and last season of the game the walking Dead (which was incomplete since TellTale closed its doors in September), we finally received confirmation that the two missed episodes will be released.

Skybound Entertainment has confirmed that it will be responsible for completing the two remaining episodes last season of Telltale Jogog and that it will work together with former employees of the company to ensure that the game is completed without any changes in the original design.

Skybound Entertainment is an entertainment company that has among its founders Robert Kirkman, the creator of the franchise. the walking Dead, The company released several comics and television series and opened its gaming unit only in April of this year, having already released two titles under the seals Long dark and Ranchi SlimeBoth are available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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In a note about fate the walking Dead, the company ensures that players do not have to worry about buying the episodes they produce, and everyone who already has a season in the season will see the last two episodes automatically available upon completion. And for those who did not have the opportunity to buy the game, Skybound says that over the next few weeks it will activate links to purchase the game in all virtual stores where it was available.

Another interesting point is that Skybound announced that it is working to "take control" of the game Telltale. Given that the bankrupt company sells all its properties, it is very likely that Skybound is not only thinking about the end of the last two episodes, but perhaps even continuing control over its own franchise.

The company did not indicate the start date of the last two episodes. the walking Deadbut hoped to reveal this information over the next few weeks.

Source: Skybound Entertainment

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