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Julius' death leaves Lola in trouble at Eramos Six · TV News

More and more weakened, Julius (Antonio Kalloni) will not resist another hospitalization and will die in front of his sons in "We were six." The seller will leave the family in the worst condition, full of debts and without money to pay them. In trouble, Lola (Gloria Pires) will still not trust her husband’s loyalty when she sees Marion (Ellen Roche) at the funeral.

The scenes will be broadcast from November 29 in the remake of Angela Chavez. Before the tragedy, the trader is going to fulfill his dream of creating his own business, having discovered that Emilia (Susana Vieira) is ready to lend him money to offer Asad (Werner Schünemann) a new company.

Justina's mother (Julia Stockler) decides to help her niece after seeing how she fought with her partner's alcoholism. She will call the merchant in her mansion to talk about business, and then offer the capital to open a small store.

“I will fulfill my obligations as if they were sacred, I will pay every tale that you lend to me with interest,” the patriarch will promise.

Blood transfusion

With a check in hand, the dealer will not be able to go very far. Feeling severe abdominal pain, he will faint at the gates and will be found by Higino (Tiago Justino) almost lifeless. “Look at the hospital phone number in the directory. Ask them to come as soon as possible, ”said the character of Suzanne Vieira.

In serious condition, Julia will need a blood transfusion, but Alfredo (Nicholas Prattes) will be the only compatible donor. Sorry for all his blackmail, he will have a chance to finally get along with his father. “I experienced the greatest joy I have ever experienced in my life to be able to save him,” the troublemaker admits to his brothers.

Despite all efforts, the employee will not resist the procedure. On the verge of death, he would dream that he was finally able to start his own business.

Lola will be thrilled to see the last smile on his face, and Carlos (Danilo Mesquita) will grasp the patient’s wrist and realize that the worst has happened. “Mom, he's gone,” a medical student will announce.

Sad farewell

Lola will not have a moment of rest during her husband’s funeral, as she will be reminded that from now on she will have to educate the heirs alone and without a salary from an employee of a textile store. “What are we going to do, mom? To live, to pay for a house, bills, how will it be? ”Isabelle (Giulia Buscasio) will despair.

The housewife will try to stay calm, even if there are no payments to pay off your property. “Everything will be arranged, daughter. God is great, he will not leave us. I know that he will not, ”the character of Gloria Pires consoles.

At the end of the ceremony, she will take another hit. Among the people leaving, the matriarch looks around for the last time. She will be surprised to see Marion with a rose in her hand going to the grave of her assistant.

“This is the girl I met. Why is she here? ”Asks the sister of Clotilde (Simone Spolador). With a catch, she will be sure that the courtesan was her husband's mistress in the soap opera for six hours.

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