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Government will pay 13th place for Bolsa Família, confirms future minister – Jornal CORREIO

Federal Deputy Osmar Terra (MDB-RS), quoted today (28) for the Department of Citizenship Affairs in the Government of the President-elect Jair Bolsonaro, confirmed that the promise of the 13th benefit of Bols for the program members will be fulfilled.

Terra said that the budget would be the thirteenth place to pay, due to the exclusion of the queue for benefits that have occurred in recent years, when 5 million family subsidies were cut after cross-sectional data with other sources of people's income.

The president [Bolsonaro] requested it and it will be executed. With this setting, those who did not need the program left and get a resource for the 13th, he explained.

Osmar Terra defended the continuity of the thin comb in the program, but at the moment refused to adjust the value of the benefit. “Not yet, we have to see how incomes and expenses will develop. [do futuro governo]“Over the past two years there has been a significant increase in the Big Family, above inflation,” recalls the future minister.

Terra stressed that the goal of the program is to focus on creating jobs and incomes for beneficiaries so that they no longer need such assistance.

"Half of the Brazilian population earns less than half of the minimum wage per capitaTherefore, this requires a specific policy, but the biggest program to fight poverty is job creation and income, there is no other. The biggest victory in the program is to reduce the number of people who need the program. [social]"he said.

In addition to including the entire structure of the current Ministry of Social Development, the Citizenship folder will add Sport and Culture. According to Osmar Terra, secretaries will be appointed for each of these areas.

Responding to a question about possible changes in the law of Rouen, to encourage culture, the future minister noted the need to analyze this topic. "You have to learn – I think that there is a permanent audit in accordance with the Law of Rouen, we must have an idea of ​​how it is applied … You must encourage an audit that must be completed, whether a resource is misused or not."

The Ministry of Citizenship will also receive part of the National Police Drug Administration (Senad). According to Osmar Terra, his portfolio will coordinate actions for treating and receiving chemical dependents, while the Ministry of Justice will remain with attributes related to the control, control and fight against drug trafficking.

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