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Former Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes Arrested for Lava Jato Arrest Warrant | Rio de Janeiro

The decision is made by Judge Marcelo Bretas of the 7th Federal Court of Rio de Janeiro, and Cartes will be named in the red Interpol broadcast.

The operation is a branch of the operation Exchange, Move; named patron. In Spanish, the word means “boss” and is a reverent term that Messer called “Cartes”.

This time the action is aimed at people who helped him hide or hide their assets.

Until 6:45 in the morning, one person was arrested, as well as businessman Najun Azario Flato Turner, located in Itaim Bibi, the Western zone of the state capital. Federal police teams are also located in Copacabana, South Rio.

The lawsuit seeks to comply with 37 court orders issued by Bretas in Buzios, São Paulo and Ponta Poran (Massachusetts), on the border with Paraguay:

  • 16 arrest warrants
  • 3 temporary arrest warrants
  • 18 search warrants and seizures

Messer has been in operation since May 2018, when the Exchange Offset operation was launched. An investigation revealed that in 52 countries, money was processed for $ 1.6 billion. Last week, Supreme Court Justice Gilmar Mendes rejected Messer's request for freedom.

The exchanger has been responding to police inquiries since the late 1980s. During this period, he suspiciously transferred money to politicians, businessmen and criminals.

Cartes – senator of life

The former president of Paraguay, Horacio Cartes, left power in August 2018 after five years in power. He currently holds the position of Senator of Life.

The country's constitution guarantees that former presidents can take this position, which gives them the right to vote, but not the right to vote.

The businessman, considered one of the richest in Paraguay, came to power in April 2013. His election meant the return to power of the conservative Colorado party, which dominated local politics for 60 years, including more than 30 years of Alfredo’s dictatorship. Stresner.

The hegemony of the party was interrupted in 2008, in the election year of Fernando Lugo, who were removed from office in 2012.

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