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Former Corinthian writer prepares criticism of Carille's annoyance and evolutionary projects

The poor time of the Corinthians this season led to a major overhaul of the coaching staff. In addition to Fabio Caril, six other professionals left the club. Among them is fitness trainer Walmir Cruz, who said goodbye and admitted annoyance with some criticism regarding the work done at CT Joachim Grava, especially regarding the alleged casting of actors to overthrow the coach.

“People who comment on this are not in everyday life. Another thing is that you are there, watch the reaction of the athletes. We can understand every day if someone took their foot, one or the other. You hear a lot of lies about people and their work. And you are upset. Besides a professional, it hurts a person. They need to know how to put it better, the problem of social networks, which is a complete joke, always wants to tarnish their image. It's important to have your own head to keep track of your work, "he said, participating in the program. The ball doesn't stop in the canal of sao paulo.

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During the turbulent month of Timon in October, much was said that the athletes had stopped running after coach Fabio Carila. As in charge of the physical, Walmir was directly struck by the comments, but calmly with the support of numbers.

“It didn’t bother me, because there is a system in Corinthians where you record, and in two days we get team statistics. There we found that the problem was not physical. Everything was always above average. It comforts me a lot, not the opinion of those who are not in everyday life and say that the team is not working. I wanted to find out from these people how they look and think that the player is tired if we later find out that the numbers are completely different, ”he said.

After refusing any “getting up” from the team, the coach admitted that the interview with the coach Fabio Carillier may have caused some discomfort – something some athletes have already confirmed.

“I have not heard any interviews because I have no custom. Some people came to talk to me. Of course, I did not comment on anything with him. Our task was to focus on work and turn the tide. ” Caril is very sincere, and in football you need to know how to handle this. He gets over time, a little more waist play. This is part of the training. We turned the page and went ahead, ”he said.

Positive balance

Despite a stormy farewell after the 4-1 defeat of Flamengo and criticism throughout the season, now the former Alvinegro coach considers this year to be positive for his campaigns on the fronts in which Timon plays.

“It was an extremely positive result of the two passes that I had for the Corinthians. There are six titles. People are trying to put in some things, but in 2019, Corinthians was a three-time champion of São Paulo, a semi-finalist in South America, and when we left, he was fifth. It was a month ago when everything went wrong as we wanted, and many people put this small part above the positive. I see it differently. After the Copa America parade, the Corinthians were one of the waste. In October, things got really wild. This is the part, "he concluded.

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