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Federal Lottery 5337 result released 17/11

at The result of the "Federal Lottery" issued after 19:00 on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The lottery "Federal Lottery" 5337 occurred on the night of this Saturday (17/11). He won the ticket to the Federal Lottery competition 5337, which won one of five major awards; up to a thousand, up to one hundred and ten from any number scored in the five main prizes; tickets that contain the last ten are identical to one of the three previous (3) dozen or three (3) dozen after ten out of the number dialed for the 1st prize, except for those that were awarded to the previous and subsequent approaches first prize unit.

Competition results are determined using public sweepstakes and disclosed soon after the lottery in Caixa Loterias. Check the printed ticket with the result, also revealed in the lottery house. He is the only proof of your bet. Premiums of any amount can be withdrawn from the CAIXA bank branches. After confirming the result, the winners of the "Federal Lottery" must withdraw their prizes within 90 days after the draw. At the end of this period, a winning ticket is issued, and the amounts are transferred to the Student Foundation for Higher Education (FIES).

Result of the Federal Lottery, Extract: 5337 from 11/17/2018

1st prize 42443 R 1 000 000
2nd prize 23432 R $ 14,000
3rd prize 44506 R $ 12,000
4th prize 59080 R $ 10,000
5th prize 65139 R 9 699

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The main prizes are $ 350 thousand and R $ 700 thousand. In the two series "Federal Lottery", respectively. Each month a player can compete for the top prize of 1 million rubles. By betting on the federal millionaire or 1350 million rubles in the Special Millionaire lottery in May, June, August and September.

In December, a Christmas performance will be held with a prize of 1,350 million rubles for each series. The ticket "Federal Lottery" can be purchased in whole or in part – each ticket has 10 fractions, and the reward is proportional.

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