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Daniel: Huninho tried to escape prison for friendship with the deputy and the prime minister – Football

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Edison Britts Junior, Juninho Wealth, who suggested that killed player Daniel Corry, was already arrested in June 2018 for illegal possession of weapons. At that time, he called the friends of the police and the state deputy, delegate Rubens Rekalcati, with whom he has a close relationship to try to avoid his arrest.

A report on the actions of the police and the suspect appears in the bulletin about the appearance on June 6, 2018, first opened by Fantastic, the TV show Globo, last Sunday. Document in which privacy policy had access, according to the police approach in the area of ​​Kaskatinha, in Curitiba. Huninho and the woman Christiana Brittes were ordered to stop the black “Veruster”, the same one that would have been used to transport player Daniel in five months.

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The officers searched the car, which "had administrative delays" and found "a Glock G25 G-35 pistol loaded and loaded with 15 ammunition plus another charger equipped with 12 ammunition." Huninho did not have a weapon document, only his record.

After showing the registration document of the gun, Junino began to say that "he was friends with the civilian and military police and contacted some," reports BO. “Since 2nd Lt. Rocha visited this place in civilian clothes, but did not interfere in the course of this event.”


Deputy Rubens Rekalcati with the Brittans

Juninho received a prison sentence for illegal possession of weapons and went to the police station, where he made more calls. There, the trader referred to the state deputy Rubens Recalcati, from the PSD. "Already in the center, Edison continued to communicate via mobile phone, informing that he would contact the deputy Recalcatti," the police report said.

In photographs published on social networks before the death of Daniel, the deputy appears at parties with the Brittans and in an atmosphere of communication. In a video recorded on a mobile phone, Recalcatti sends a message to its "friend" Christian Britt.

Last Monday (19), the MP gave a press conference and said that Edison Britts did not name him in June. “I want to clarify what is in this bulletin, where he was arrested in June for a question that I don’t even know what it is. At the end of the BO, the police say that the detainee is going to call Deputy Recalcati. “He never called me, and I never went to the police station to ask him or anyone,” he said.

Regarding the presence of 2nd Lieutenant Rocha in the incident, the Corregidor of the military police checked the case and said that he did not notice any violations in the officer’s behavior.

Recalcatti is responsible for the kill

Rubens Recalkatti, known in politics as the Delegate to the Recalcati, was an alternative and in 2017 was accepted into the deputies' position on the PSD. The politician is responsible for the murder of Ricardo Geffer.

Geffer was killed on April 28, 2015 after a police approach, of which Recalcatti was a member. The victim was suspected in the murder of Joao Dirceu Nazzari, former mayor of Rio Branco du Sul (PR), on April 12, 2015. For prosecutors, the murder of Ricardo Geffer was executed.

In addition to Recalcatti, seven more policemen are accused of killing Geffer. Among them, Edenir Canton, the former owner of a black Veloster, used by Edison Britt.

Today, the murder case of Ricardo Geffer has been appealed and analyzed in the Court of Paraná, which assesses whether the case will be sent to STU, since one of the defendants is a deputy. Initially, the process returned to the first instance. Since he was a deputy, Recalcatti would have a privileged forum. But in the understanding of the prosecutor's office, the prerogative does not apply, since this is a crime committed without regard to the function of a state deputy.

Responding to a question about this, the lawyer of Rubens Resalkatti, Claudio Dalledone, said: “The case is awaiting judicial determination for its usual procedure in the General Court or in the Court. However, I emphasize that this diminishes the lawful actions of the police, ”he said.

Prime Minister's coroner examines Britta’s relationship with police

In contact with the report, Lieutenant Colonel Luis Marcelo Mazeyero from the Parana Military Police Department reported that after the player’s death, a survey was conducted to clarify Edison Britt’s relationship with the military police. Regarding 2nd Lieutenant Rocha, quoted in The Appearance Herald, the Prime Minister said that relations with Huninho were only friendship.

“What we were able to establish was that there was a friendship, because the officer was working in the area and would have had contact with Edison Britt. Edison Britt had shops, and the officer worked in the area, and there was contact, a friendship from him, but nothing more. He had no other involvement, he explained.

privacy policy

Casal Brittes piloted a motorcycle that was in the name of a human trafficker

“At the first moment we conducted a check through the Corregeia, and the district unit itself did not check anything wrong with the behavior of the Prime Minister. There is internal control, and we are waiting for new facts, ”said Lieutenant Colonel Mazeyero.

According to Mazeero, the policeman does not approach the scene of the incident when he receives a call from someone whom the police themselves are turning to. According to the corregeor’s verdict, 2nd Lieutenant Rocha was outside his residence and near the scene that night, and so he went where Juninho followed the facts. “He decided to go there only to attend. There was no intervention or intervention in this incident, ”said Lieutenant Colonel Mazeyro.

Member: Relations with the Britons – policy

Lawyer Juninho, Claudio Dalledon, said in his report that “he had and continues to have a selective proximity, because he is a voter in the state deputy Rubens Recalcatti. You cannot make connections from any side other than these. ” Dalledon is also a lawyer for Recalcatti in the killing of Heffer.

The MP said in a statement that he met Britta during the elections in 2014, because a businessman would be a famous figure in the neighborhood where he lives. “I met him, I think, in 2014 during the campaign. [qualquer relação de Brittes com o mundo do crime] and if I knew that I would have made some decision, ”he said.

Polister says Veloster is for sale by Brittes.

In a statement, Edenir Canton's lawyers said that the black “Veloster”, used to expel Daniel after the beating, was sold to Huninho by his client. The defense stated that the police were available to the authorities to provide the necessary clarifications. "June 13, 2018 [Edenir] sold the Veloster car model, the BEB-3014 plate, the face of Edison Britt, according to the state power of attorney tool […] duly registered with the notary’s office of Komarky de Pinhais, which has no relations with the said property. ”

“As for the case in which he is responsible for the alleged practice of murder, he is in the process, the facts of which were established only because of his professional practice, therefore the police, as well as other cases mentioned in the reports, are in the process”,

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